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In 2005 we changed our lifestyle and became full-time travelers ever since.
In mobile homes we rolled through North Africa, South America, Russia, Mongolia, China,
Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa.

The future: We remain nomadic and let every day take us by surprise. 

We hope that all of you have fun in virtually traveling with us.
Edy and Brigitte

08-27-2017 News: Nashville - NOLA - Rear-end collision

Honky-Tonk Music in Nashville - U.S. Space and Rocket Centre - Junky Rear-end collision - Jack Daniel‘s Whiskey in Lynchburg, where its forbdden to drink Whiskey - NOLA: New Orleans at the gulf of Mexico, Jazz music - Lifeblood!

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USA: August 2017

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USA - Tennessee & Alabama & Mississippi & Louisiana: August 2017

2017 08 USA TN MS LA 056 New Orleans news

Art in New OrleansArt in New Orleans

Nashville, Music City in Tennessee

Jonny Cash rang a bell.

He as well as the longest lasting radio show in US broadcasting history “Grand Ole Opry” are connected to the Music City Nashville in Tennessee. The live music presently on show in the old bars – also during the day -  were really enjoyable.

Longest Bar in Nashville at Nudie Honky TonkLongest Bar in Nashville at Nudie Honky Tonk

The concert in the Grand Ole Opry was absolutely amazing. The concert is broadcasted live on radio and television. Six different, well-known groups inspired with their show and musical performance.

We witnessed the first gig of a young singer. Accompanied by his priest father on the guitar and both delivered a superb vocal performance. The Grand Ole Opry is known as stepping stone for grand musical careers.

Stars of The Grand Ole Opry  Stars of The Grand Ole Opry  Stars of The Grand Ole Opry

   Stars of The Grand Ole Opry Stars of The Grand Ole Opry Stars of The Grand Ole Opry

Jack Daniel‘s Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Who would drive pass the only place where Jack Daniel‘s Whiskey is produced for the whole world?

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Cherokee IndiansCherokee Indians

Blue Ridge Parkway 

The 755 km long panoramic road led us along the Blue Ridge Mountain range from North Carolina to Virginia. Hundreds of kilometres high green walls to the left and right. A bit like on the Transamazonica in Brazil, just tarred. In between viewpoints worth their name. Unusual for America: not one traffic lights along the whole way.

Blue Ridge MountainsBlue Ridge Mountains

Little goes in America without memberships

Which means wide ranging discounts.
AAA, Automobile Club of USA - KOA, camping franchise - Good Sam Club – membership card of department store chains (Walmart, Kroger etc.) which connect to customers by offering discounts on the card.

Due to a positive coincidence, we are now owners of a US Senior Pass.

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RAM 3500 and Cirrus Truck CamperRAM 3500 and Cirrus Truck Camper

Goodbye Africa and Welcome to the USA!

The last few weeks in South Africa were filled with preparations for our continent transition and the handover of vehicles.By arranging the complicated formalities, we were able to help the new owners up front. This enabled them to register and insure the vehicles on their names although they only have a tourist visa. This time the handover of the fully paid vehicles went smoothly and problem free.

Flight with Emirates Airline from Johannesburg via Dubai to Frankfurt

As we had a substantial amount of luggage we decided against Swiss Air and rather took the longer flight via Dubai to Zurich. This allowed us to take double the luggage weight for less. The flight in the huge Airbus A380 was comfortable.

The consequences of the very tasty meals were dramatic for both of us.

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Child in AfricaChild in Africa

Retrospect 10.2014 to 05.2017

Southern Africa – wildlife paradise – imposing landscapes – encounter with simple, endearing people – a continent that elated us, but also stimulated reflection. 


  • Johannesburg „Jo’burg“, amazing, fascinating, ugly, millionaires villas, slums with shacks, compact traffic, morning and evening traffic jams for hours
  • Purchase of vehicles with own traffic register number
  • Kruger National Park, home of the Big 5

Elephantsdangerous cat

  • Kwazulu Natal Province with stealing baboons, hopping hornbills, snakes, lizards, screaming, cuddly, sweet bush babies with mega-Bambi-eyes, lurking crocodile
  • After the discovery caught fire purchase of the Land Cruiser;

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Namib's Valley of a Thousand HillsNamib's Valley of a Thousand Hills

Namibian potpourri

On our visits to Windhoek we often make a turn for a light lunch or a cappuccino at Wecke & Voigts. This time the large side entrance made of glass was covered by boards and the entrance was closed. We asked the waitress for the reason. Apparently, a minister had driven over the 6-meter-wide sidewalk and had crashed into the glass door.
We asked if he had been drunk and she answered: No questions asked when it comes to ministers! 

Spitzkoppe is an amazing nature reserve with community campsites.

Unique campsites between huge, colourful rock formations. Only long drops, but

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Land Cruiser in the desertLand Cruiser in the desert

Savage porcupine at Solitaire Guest Farm in Namibia

Our Conqueror Companion Trailer was parked in the shade underneath a tree. As the private ablutions were a bit further away we needed two 20 m extension leads. I covered the connecting plugs with a plastic bag to avoid them getting wet should it rain. So far so good. At 02:00 o’clock that night there was a loud bang and the outside electricity was gone. In the light of the torch we detected that other plastic bag had been torn open and that the cable on one side had been ripped from the plug. Consequently, a fuse had

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