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In 2005 we changed our lifestyle and became full-time travelers ever since.
In mobile homes we rolled through North Africa, South America, Russia, Mongolia, China,
Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa as well as North- and Central America.
Right now we are again on the move in South America.

The future: We remain nomadic and let every day take us by surprise. 

We hope that all of you have fun in virtually traveling with us.
Edy and Brigitte

Travel news November 29, 2022:

Travelling in Argentina.

November 2022

Elephant sealElephant Seal

Elephant seals at Playa la Escondida

Here, elephant seals lie motionless on a sandbank at the beach. We camp next to the dozing colossi, which occasionally roar and throw sand on their bellies. Harems consist of 2 to 130 females and the dominant males mate up with them to 15 times per day.

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 October 2022


Sunken tourist hotspot Villa Epecuén

On the shores of the salt lake Lago Epecuén, about 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, a vacation village was built starting in 1920. The therapeutic effects of the highly saline waters caused the village to boom very quickly, reaching its prime in the 1970s with over 1,500 residents. During this time, however, there were years of more rain than before, and Lago Epecuén began to swell. In 1985, a dam broke

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September 2022


Natural Paradise Esteros del Iberá in Argentina 

One of the largest swamp areas worldwide with an immense biodiversity.
Capybaras, caimans, swamp deer as well as countless bird species we were allowed to observe from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini on land and from the water during more than a week. We were lucky

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August 2022

Bañado La EstrellaBañado La Estrella

Bañado La Estrella

is the second largest wetland in Argentina and is located in the province of Formosa, north of the city of Las Lomitas. The wetland is of great importance from an ornithological point of view and has been included among the Important Bird Areas since 2008. The reserve covers an area of 400,000 ha, is 220,000 km long and 20 km wide, total 4,000 km².

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July 2022

waypoints viva la patria argentinaViva la Patria

Gaucho Festival in Salta

A traditional parade in honor of the gaucho hero Martin Miguel de Güemes. About 7000 mounted gauchos marched from different regions of the area past his monument. Legislators, authorities and the military were also not to be missed. People danced and enjoyed the festivities with bonfires, these began days before. Hundreds of tourists came to Salta to experience this spectacle.

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