• Weltreisende Edy und Brigitte

waypoints - on worldtrip since 2005

In 2005 we changed our lifestyle and became full-time travelers ever since.
In mobile homes we rolled through North Africa, South America, Russia, Mongolia, China,
Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa.
Right now we are on the move in North- and Central America.

The future: We remain nomadic and let every day take us by surprise. 

We hope that all of you have fun in virtually traveling with us.
Edy and Brigitte

September 2020

waypoints vehicle storage

Welcome home – wearing masks and new elbow greetings

On Monday, August 17th we left Oaxaca. The Corona break from traveling was good in a certain way. Unfortunately, good food and little exercise have taken on weighty proportions.

2000km on Mexican roads from Oaxaca to Chetumal and then to Cancún kept our senses awake every second - Topes danger! We were amazed that the Mexicans wear almost 100% masks, even while driving.

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July 2020

Lockdown in Mexico

Lockdown - locked up in paradise

The weeks are passing by like most of them before. We already have permanent holidays for 5 months. The feeling of freedom is of course gone. We lack the knowledge of being able to move, if we wanted to. Yes, if you lock up freedom, it's gone!

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June 2020

hummingbird chick

Lockdown time killer

For 15 years we have been living an unlimited spirit of adventure and the joy of travelling all year round. We have crossed more than 110 borders on 6 continents and covered over 400'000km with 5 different 4-wheel drive travel vehicles. Then Corona came - now after 15 weeks of standstill on a camping site in Mexico, we unfortunately see the future freedom to travel still very limited. But we are sure, we will find a good way for us.

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May 2020

colonial ruins in Antigua


Antigua is located in the highlands of Guatemala and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its colonial ruins, such as half-decayed churches, monasteries and buildings with collapsing pastel facades. Colorful houses decorate the street and a breathtaking panorama of still active volcanoes surround the city.

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