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waypoints - on worldtrip since 2005

In 2005 we changed our lifestyle and became full-time travelers ever since.
In mobile homes we rolled through North Africa, South America, Russia, Mongolia, China,
Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa.
Right now we are on the move in North America.

The future: We remain nomadic and let every day take us by surprise. 

We hope that all of you have fun in virtually traveling with us.
Edy and Brigitte

2019-02-25 News: We are in México.

Corn, beans, squash and chilli peppers...

February 2019

Guanajuato Museo Conde RulGuanajuato Museo Conde Rul

Colorful silver city Guanajuato

We explored the silver city in several daily stages. Interesting architecture of churches and public buildings, impossible color combinations of the facades, which unite to form a harmonious overall picture, streets in former mine tunnels through the city - unique experiences. Therefore, since 1988 the city and the surrounding mines are a world cultural heritage of the UNESCO.

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January 2019

white pelicanswhite pelicans

Lake Chapala with Roca Azul RV Resort 

More than 40 years ago Roca Azul was a luxury Resort at the largest lake of Mexico. Now the entire resort is a little run down. But the patina at the buildings gives a special charm. The different pools as well as the enormous garden are maintained. Tennis courts as well as various sports facilities allow all kinds of fitness training.
All RV spaces are equipped with full-hook-up. In addition to the regular travelers, Americans and Canadians have permanently installed themselves with their big motor homes. Currently, an American converts two ship containers to a vacation home equipped with window as well as a balcony, inside generously too. The resort also offers secured parking for vehicles, which is actively used by long-term travelers.
Spectacular sunrises and migratory birds like white pelicans pleased us daily.

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December 2018

Sombrero on a cactusSombrero on a cactus

on the road again in Mexico…

Narrow roads, well sounding language, cactuses, palms, Margaritas and variously prepared, spicy peppered Tacos. Yes, the pattern for Mexico is perfect.
Actually this time we wanted to enter straightaway to the mainland of Mexico. At short notice we changed our mind and again we crossed via Tecate border to Baja California. This time we found the beaches almost empty, with cold wind and occasionally rain.
In Mulege and Loreto, Pueblo’s Magic’s, we felt immediately at home again. The local ones greet also tourists and are ready for a small chat. Contrary to American, they also know one on the day after a talk. The meal offer is with ingredients fresh, even in small, cosy restaurant. It is sung and makes music. One feels the joy of life. We like it!

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November 2018

 Vault PING Golf factoryVault PING Golf factory

Safe full of Golf Putter

In Phoenix we had the opportunity to visit the PING golf factory. To see the high-tech manufacturing process from metal blocks to putter and golf clubs was unbelievable.
Karsten Solheim, the founder of the business started his client-orientated enterprise in a garage. Now the PING factory is huge employing about 800 people, many for decades already.  A shop is not to be found here. The PING clubs and putters are exclusively manufactured on order after Golf Club Fittings.

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October 2018

USA Yellowstone National ParkUSA Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park – a seething danger

Yellowstone is a super volcano and belongs to the biggest volcanos worldwide. Apparently, the ground is lifting and dropping every now and then. The magma is situated only 8 kilometres beneath the surface, thus you are literally sitting on top of a pressure cooker. If that lid blows not much will be left of North America.
Numerous geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud holes and colourful water ponds count as highlights of this park. Sometimes, heavy, of sulphur smelling fumes as well as the altitude make it hard to breathe. Occasionally the view from the wooden walkways was not really promising due to all the steam.
Bisons, formidable beef-cakes, are hardly bothered by the tourists surrounding them and even make themselves comfortable right next to the road.
A cold snap, blocked roads, mobile homes lying in the ditch made us leave the park after six days already. All this and more made our visit in this national park a highlight in our traveling life.

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