2007 - South America

Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru

February 2007

At Queulat National ParkAt Queulat National Park

Kawi towing service

We were camping together with other travellers on the outskirts of El Chaltén and enjoyed the wonderful view over Fitz Roy. After a Kawi excursion to the Lago del Desierto, we stopped next to a Subaru, which was standing in the village, with its hood open. Jonathan and Macarena have bought this car in Santiago in order to travel through Argentina and Chile for three months.
Jonathan explained the problem with the ignition to us in Swiss-German. Since we did not have any tools with us, we could not help. We therefore towed the "Subi" with our Kawi through the village to the place, where we were camping with Robusto.

The ignition system was dissassembled, cleaned and re-assembled. Hurrah, the car was running again. After Macarena marvelled at the tool and spare parts store of Robusto, she said, when saying good-bye: "Robusto is like a Solidmac, a Chilean construction and workman market".

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January 2007

Glaciers Upsala, Onelli and SpegazziniGlaciers Upsala, Onelli and Spegazzini

December 24th, 2006

From our luxury .... breakfast table, we can look down on a small ocean bay. Groups of dolphins are training their synchronized swimming. After this luxurious meal, the well preserved track leads us to Camerón, where gauchos are gathering sheep to cut shear them, and further to Lago Blanco.

It is a great camp site with a view over the lake and to an island. On the horizon, snow-covered mountain peaks and behind us a Magellan forest. The poachter, not far from in a hut of corrugated iron, showed us his trophies. Three beaver's tails which he wanted to sell to tourist. We were not interested.

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