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2008 - South America and Europe

Uruguay - Argentina - Europe - Brazil

Brazil – Paraguay – Argentina

December 2008

National Park Los Cardones

Hasta luego Amigo

November 2008


Hasta luego Amigo...

Brazil – In direction of Rio De Janeiro

October 2008

Brazilian beauty

Brazil - Visa extension and cigars

September 2008

Compact building style in Brazil

Brazil – Exotic landscapes and nature

August 2008

Jericoacoara bay

On the Transamazônica

July 2008

Stay on the road

Brazil - Through the Pantanal

July 2008


From Buenos Aires to Paraguay

June 2008

Colourful bird

Back to Switzerland

April / May 2008


Laguna Los Lobos - Buenos Aires

March 2008

Laguna Los Lobos

Experiences with the police in Argentina

February 2008

Capybara, the worlds largest rodent

From Argentina to Uruguay

January 2008

Casapueblo of the painter Jorge Paez Vilaro