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2009 - South America

Argentina - Bolivia - Brazil - Venezuela - Colombia - Ecuador - Galapagos

Galapagos Islands

December 2009

At the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador – Market in Otavalo

October 2009

Otavalos women wear long dark dresses and white colourfully embroidered blouses

Adventures in Colombia

September 2009

Cultural heritage and culinary delights in Cartagena

Venezuela – El Dorado and the greatest beaches

August 2009

Day visit to Gran Roque islands

1100km boat cruise on the Amazon river

July 2009

Life at the river

Bolivian low lands and amazon basin

June 2009

Giant water lily Victoria

From Salta (Argentina) to Bolivia

May 2009

Old woman

Argentina – holiday in Belgrano and Salta

April 2009

Playing golf in Argentina

Break into sweat in Argentinien

January 2009

RN40 St. María to Hualfin