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2015 - Africa

South Africa - Botswana - Namibia - Zimbabwe - Zambia - Tanzania

Tanzanias coast and Kilimandjaro

December 2015

Dhows at the Tanzanian coast

Zambia National Parks

November 2015

Elephants in Zambia


October 2015

Hippos in Zimbabwe

Kaokoveld in North-Western Namibia

September 2015

Ovahimba child in the Kaokoveld

Reunion with Robusto in Namibia

August 2015

Leopard in the bush

Moremi and Chobe National Park in Botswana

June 2015


From South Africa to Botswana

May 2015

Oryx in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Change of cars and Kwazulu Natal

April 2015

Neverending landscapes

Town in from Central Kalahari Game Reserve

March 2015

African tow-in service

Shopping in Johannesburg

February 2015


Fascinating Krueger National Park

January 2015

Lion in the Krüger National Park