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Malaria in Tanzania

January 2016

Matema Beach Tanzania


For over two weeks we stayed at a gorgeous place at the Blue Canoe Lodge on the northern shores of the Lake Malawi on the Tanzanian side. After a visit of the nearby Matema Village I did not feel well. Two hours later I really didn’t feel well and 8 hours later I ran a shivering fewer of over 39 ºC: Malaria.

After four days and nights of taking the strong Malaria medication Coartem of Novartis, as well as vast amounts of paracetamol to control the pain and temperature, I was fever free. Those days were no ride in the park. Especially during the night with over 40 ºC I did not feel well at all. Brigitte had to carry me like a completely drunkard to the toilet. Luckily the shower was just next door.
Certain areas around Lake Malawi are known to be Malaria risk zones. With symptoms like high fever and ague it is always advisable to take Malaria medication. The faster the better. Malaria tests can always be taken at a later stage.
With me this method helped and I am really thankful for it.

Blue Canoe Safari Camp

Four weeks we spent on this camp side – A paradise!  The vistas from the sandy camp onto the Matema Bay of Lake Malawi are one of a kind.

Blue Canoe Lodge in Tansania  Blue Canoe Lodge Campsite in Tansania  Blue Canoe Lodge Sunset in Tansania

For ten years of travelling we have hardly ever stayed at one spot this long. We are not on the run, but we also don’t want to settle just yet. Thus we had to leave this wonderful piece of land again.
For long-term travellers this paradise had its disadvantages. No electricity, no water and too little direct shade at the camp ground. The rest of it was amazing – otherwise we would not have stayed that long!


 Edy and Brigitte

10 years of travelling

A lot of things changed for us during the last decade.
We live and travel in 4x4 vehicles and have moved from 200 m² to a couple of m². Clothes are merely functional and all cooking is done outside: we have bid farewell to loads of needless accessories. We have reduced our lives to things important to us. 
At the beginning of our journey we stood speechless and then we evolved to story tellers. We crossed desserts, travelled the highest possible passes, drove on sand, gravel snow, and in river beds, we slept at the coasts of all oceans.
We have met cultures, religions, fauna, flora, customs and rites of which we previously had only read or heard about.
The result: more than 10.000 photos on our website.
We thank everyone who followed us during the last 10 years. We are also thankful for all positive feedbacks and mails. Never would we have thought that so many would be interested in our travels.

For now travelling is our life – each day remains a mystery!

We wish everyone a great 2016.
The Nomades Edy and Brigitte