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Cape Town and Surrounds

July 2016

Edy walking on the Moon Rock in Augrabies Falls National Park

Franschhoek Motor Museum,

Over 100 years of motoring history documented by 80 well-maintained old-timers and rarities displayed in the refurbished buildings of a former wine estate.

Franschhoek Motor Museum Franschhoek Motor Museum Franschhoek Motor Museum



Franschhoek Motor Museum Franschhoek Motor Museum Franschhoek Motor Museum

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, no. 1 tourist attraction in Capetown

Since 1991 the V&A Waterfront is the first venue many visitors come to see when in Cape Town. Thanks to a high presence of security guards the renovated harbour area is one of the safest areas of Cape Town. The numerous street musicians, the African markets, the amphitheatre breathe life into this area and make it a real attraction at the Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Town Street Music Zest for life in Africa Zest for life in Africa

3 Blown over trucks

On the dam road between Hermon and Tulbagh we were amazed to find three trucks with trailers lying on their sides right behind each other. A fierce gust of wind had blown the three trucks from the street whilst driving. Unbelievable, but true.

Blown over trucks Blown over trucks Blown over trucks

The Strandloper Seafood Open-Air Restaurant,

A rustic beach-happening – directly at the ocean – amazing views – original furniture and interior – one feels like a pirate.
Strandloper Restaurant near Langebaan Strandloper Restaurant near Langebaan Strandloper Restaurant Mussels with wine and onions
Not for visitors looking for star awarded cuisine as everything is rather Spartan, but fresh and tasty. Seafood is prepared on open fire and side dishes can be freely taken from the counter. As soon as the food is ready everyone helps themselves. Mussels, fish soup, different types of grilled fish and even rock lobsters. Bread is also freshly baked.
Strandloper Restaurant smoked Angelfish American Tourist Strandloper Restaurant Lamb Stew
Everything is eaten completely without the usual cutlery. Mussel shells are used instead. Everybody brings their own wine.
Pure holiday feeling. Very recommendable for everyone who loves eating fish and mussels without exotic spices and cutlery.
Strandloper Restaurant Lobster Strandloper Restaurant Musical Entertainment Strandloper Restaurant Sweets

Quiver tree forest 30 km north of Nieuwoudtville

On the farm Gannabos the most southern naturally grown and probably the largest quiver tree forest in South Africa can be found. Strictly speaking the quiver tree is not a tree but an aloe, which received its name from the Bushmen who used the hard flexible bark to make quivers for their arrows.

Quiver tree forest between Quiver trees young Quiver trees

It is estimated that the quiver tree can reach an age of about 150 to 205 years and the giant quiver tree 380 years. All trees in the forest have grown naturally. No trees were planted by man.
They start flowering after 15 to 20 years. They bloom during winter in May, June and July.

Quiver tree Quiver tree Quiver tree in flower
Quiver trees are masters of survival and of all places their habitat is the hostile desert. Only specially adapted organisms who can cope with the unbearable water shortage are able to survive here. Its thick, meaty leaves and its voluminous trunk fitted with special water storing cell tissues serve as vital reservoir during droughts. Furthermore the leaves have an impermeable outer skin to reduce the loss of water through evaporation to a minimum.


is a typical, sleepy Karoo town with about 12.000 inhabitants. Normally one only stops here to refuel or to buy groceries.
We had breakfast in the Hantam Huis in the museum, built in 1854. The caringly collected items from the past decades are well worth seeing. In the souvenir shop one can buy homemade jams and knitted cloths.

 Calvinia Hantam Huis Museum breakfast in Calvinia Hantam Huis Museum Calvinia Hantam Huis Museum