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Wine region in South Africa

May 2016

Award winning wines from Stellenbosch

Winelands in the Cape Region

In South Africa wine is cultivated mostly in the south east. Here the conditions for the winelands are simply the best. The maritime climate brings mild seasons for the winelands.
In order to explore the interesting winelands around Stellenbosch and Paarl we found ourselves at the Bergriver Resort outside of Paarl directly at the river – just like 17 years ago.
Wine, art and architecture are virtually inseparable. But you still find the old, grand buildings...

that store their wine in barrels. More common are modern buildings with a special architecture including extravagant objects of art.  Huge chrome steel tanks complete the picture. 

South African wine estates a paradise to discover wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere

In our photo gallery May 2016 we let the pictures speak about this. 

The imaginative description of wines:

 …has a clear color, golden and green reflexions offer an impressive sight for the eyes of the connoisseur. The bouquet of this wine presents itself with the perfume of gooseberry, litchi and white peach. Furthermore a hint of herbs is present that will increase with age.  Pfirsich. Acidity and body are harmoniously balanced on the palate and offer a wonderful mouthfeel. The wine’s after-taste is markedly long and stands for the outstanding quality.

 The exclusive winery of Peter Falke Muratie centurys old wine experience that is a magnet for wine lovers Wine Estates Glen Carlou

… flows with a wonderfull burgundy red color into the glass. Seductive aromas from blackberry and mulberry flow to the nose complimented by the lovely odour of rose petals. A hint of cinnamon and black pepper can be recognised. The full body of this wine manifests itself in the mouth. Im Mund offenbart sich die ganze Fülle dieses Weines. Powdery tannins caress the tongue and ending in mineral finish lingering at the palate for long after.  

„A meal without wine is called breakfast“.

wine barrels Landcruiser at the winery Art at Peter Falke Wine Estate

Different wine prices in South Africa, Germany and in Switzerland

At most of the bigger and well known wine estates tourists are immediately informed that their wines are also sold in Europe as well as Switzerland through dealers. Compared with South Africa the wine in Europe costs approximately double the rate including transport and taxes. Surprisingly our rate list shows that the same wine is about 40% more expensive in Switzerland than in Germany, France, Italy and Austria.The difference in price is probably not only justified by alcohol taxes!

Meeting with Globi and his inhabitants Gabi and Peter

For years we have been in pleasant, sporadic contact with Peter. In South Africa we drove past each other and only met on the way back after 250 km in Buffalo Bay. We were very excited to meet them as well as the newly built vehicle, Globi. Many common interest, similar experiences in the past – how could we not get along well immediately! Peter und Gabi mit Globi
Globi is compared to the Actionmobil Robusto the new generation of the big 6x6 expedition vehicles. Equipped with a lot of sophisticated technique. Various different materials create a very personal living ambiance in the interior. The vehicle leaves nothing to be desired for when it comes to living comfort.
We especially appreciated the cosy living area in the evenings. Luckily we have never again had such strong winds in Africa as we had in Buffalo Bay – neither before nor after. It would have definitely been less comfortable with the trailer and pitched front tent.
We wish Gabi and Peter many positive adventures with Globi and we look forward to meeting again – where ever.