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Krüger National Park

November 2016

 Elephant eating Marula fruits

Kruger National Park South Africa

More than two weeks our trailer was parked on different Camps within the Kruger National Park.
On our daily game drives we travelled several hours on the tarred main roads as well as the gravelled side road of the national in our Toyota. In total we searched for animals on a route stretching for more than 1,200 km. More or less successful.

 Hammerhead mating season Hammerhead breeding

The photographic yield can be seen in our November gallery.

Apart from the Big Five we experienced a special and very impressive encounter with a pack of 20 wild dogs.
Previous experiences with large herds of elephants in Botswana came in handy at close encounters with these pachyderms along the roads.
We kept a respectful distance from a rhino blocking the road. Reverse gear engaged...

Bumpety Bump Rider Then the rider goes ... splash!

From Lower Sabie we drove in pouring rain through the Kruger National Park with our trailer to Camp Satara. Due to hundreds of millipedes on the road the 94 km became quite a manoeuvring challenge.  A point of honour that none was driven over.


The gravel tracks in the Kruger National Park are travelled upon by officials with a speed allocated to them of 65 km/h resulting in corrugations. The visitors are being shaken through in their vehicles at an allowed maximum speed of el at 40 km/h. On clear stretches without any game we sometimes gave ourselves the status of officials.

Knowing that at the beginning of December with the start of the summer holidays in South Africa the parks get flooded with local visitors we continued to the Blyde River Canyon.