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From USA to Mexico

December 2017

Baja California, Mexico

Crayfish in Mexico

At the first beach we drove to in Mexico we were offered freshly caught crayfish. We cooked the spiky crustaceans in a large pot in salt water for 30 minutes. A feast! 

crawfish freshly caught

La Bufadora, Ensenada

Tourist-trap close to the American border. Cliffs and an extreme surge as well as a geyser-like fountain are reason enough for

Americans to visit and shop for the weekend. Densely cramped food and souvenir stands – lots of junk and kitsch on limited space.

La Bufadora


Interesting, small Mexican tourist town with the oldest church of the Baja California. We camped around the corner from the Plaza directly underneath a power diverter tower.  Electric smog?Because of the superb locations we put up with the electric radiation for several days.

Loreto Plaza Benito Juarez

SIM cards in Mexico

At a marked branch of the provider Telcel we wanted to charge our two SIM cards for the iPads with 4GB respectively. Cost: 25 SFR each.
As the sales lady had too little credit on her mobile phone she was unfortunately only able to charge one of our cards. For the second one we were directed to the cashier of an Oxxo shop.

Telcel Shop, Todos Santos

Margarita – fiery Tequila Cocktail

The first home-made Margarita by Brigitte swiped us off our feet. She per accident doubled the amount of tequila stipulated in a Margarita recipe in our tall glasses. Cheers!

Margarita Cocktail

Frightening experience – not able to see anymore

Due to the negligent handling of the hardener of a two-component adhesive with swift eye contact, my eyes swell up completely within half an hour. Brigitte drove me to a Medical Centre close-by in Santos, where she had to walk me inside like a blind man.
The young, uncomplicated doctor had me on the drip within 15 minutes and injected me with a cortisone like medication. 

The uncertainty regarding the possible damage to my vision had my pulse racing and gave me breathing difficulties. The doctor calmed us down by advising that the worst of the allergic reaction should be over within the next 8 hours.
We spent the time in the only luxurious private room with TV and own bathroom. After 4 hours and another load of medication I was able to open my eyes a millimeter and relieved to see the picture on the TV screen.

In the evening I was discharged with the order to return in the morning for a follow up. After 5 days the extremely deforming swellings subsided and luckily my vision returned to normal.
Never again will I wipe my eyes with a cloth stained with hardener.

Mexiko: beautiful women, Sombrero, Tequila, firearms, diamonds...