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Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana

August 2017

Art in New Orleans

Nashville, Music City in Tennessee

Jonny Cash rang a bell.

He as well as the longest lasting radio show in US broadcasting history “Grand Ole Opry” are connected to the Music City Nashville in Tennessee. The live music presently on show in the old bars – also during the day -  were really enjoyable.

Longest Bar in Nashville at Nudie Honky Tonk

The concert in the Grand Ole Opry was absolutely amazing. The concert is broadcasted live on radio and television. Six different, well-known groups inspired with their show and musical performance.

We witnessed the first gig of a young singer. Accompanied by his priest father on the guitar and both delivered a superb vocal performance. The Grand Ole Opry is known as stepping stone for grand musical careers.

Stars of The Grand Ole Opry  Stars of The Grand Ole Opry  Stars of The Grand Ole Opry

   Stars of The Grand Ole Opry Stars of The Grand Ole Opry Stars of The Grand Ole Opry

Jack Daniel‘s Whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee

Who would drive pass the only place where Jack Daniel‘s Whiskey is produced for the whole world?

Not us!

The professionally guided tour was informative and fascinating. 90 million litres of whiskey are produced annually and distributed globally. Most of the 67 storage halls, in which approximately 190 million litres are maturing, are located off the tourist main route. 

The little town of Lynchburg has managed to keep most of its old Southern flair despite the large numbers of Whiskey tourists. It goes without saying that we parked our vehicle within walking distance of the distillery and slept in it afterwards.
Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Jack Daniel's Whiskey  Jack Daniel's Whiskey  Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Flood warnings

It rained extremely. We sat cosily at breakfast. Suddenly a noise never heard before – coming from the cell phone. A very specific buzzing. It was a flood warning for Huntsville and surrounds, where we were currently. We delayed our departure in direction of New Orleans by another day, as we would have had to travel long distances through the danger zone. 

 Strong rains

U.S. Space & Rocket Centre, Huntsville, Alabama

Our campsite in Huntsville was only 400 metres away from the NASA centre. A visit to the comprehensively equipped museum covering the topic of space travel and especially on the Apollo program was well worth it. 

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

U.S. Space & Rocket Center U.S. Space & Rocket Center

New Orleans, also called NOLA, with the French Quarter

A nice, humid-hot tourist trap with special architecture and artistically forged balcony balustrades. Nostalgic stern wheelers lured us into a ride on the Mississippi.

Traffic in New Orleans

New Orleans New Orleans

Already during the day there is music in the clubs and on the streets. At night the French Quarter becomes the party centre. We strolled through the city centre, tasted Beignets (fried pastry with a lot of icing sugar) and also the very special Cajun kitchen. Vintage style shopping is hipp here.

New Orleans New Orleans