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Safari South-Namibia

March 2017

Land Cruiser in the desert

Savage porcupine at Solitaire Guest Farm in Namibia

Our Conqueror Companion Trailer was parked in the shade underneath a tree. As the private ablutions were a bit further away we needed two 20 m extension leads. I covered the connecting plugs with a plastic bag to avoid them getting wet should it rain. So far so good. At 02:00 o’clock that night there was a loud bang and the outside electricity was gone. In the light of the torch we detected that other plastic bag had been torn open and that the cable on one side had been ripped from the plug. Consequently, a fuse had

blown somewhere as the ablution block was also without lights. We returned to our bed wondering who could have been the cause of this.When we saw the tracks in the morning light it was revealed. A hungry porcupine had nibbled on the Schuko plug and probably shortly forgot about its hunger when it received the electric shock. 

The owner of the lodge explained to us that the porcupines caused a lot of damage and water loss on the farm by biting through the plastic of the water pipes. Thus, they are often shot by farmers. Our savage was lucky it escaped.

Clearing formailties

Ever since we are constantly traveling, i.e. the last 12 years, we have crossed 96 borders with all the different formalities that comes with it. As long as you don’t have to queue behind the passengers of an arriving bus immigration is normally done swiftly. For road charge payments, the counters are hardly ever crowded.
The time needed for the issuing of the Temporary Import Permit depends on the fitness and on the goodwill of the officer. We chat about the weather, the country or other clever stuff. Provided you succeed to bridge the distance with a joke, you have won. Depending on the country there is an additional customs check. There you can meet all kinds of different duty performance. From accurate and speedy to corrupt and as we are not responsive to that it can be very time consuming.

Neordoewer filed worker housing scheme

In southern Africa, we prefer to cross borders at noon. The hungry customs officials rather enjoy their lunch and it is normally too hot for grant activities.
It is definitely not of disadvantage to park the car in full sunlight. The intense heat sometimes results in loss of memory so that we are not sure anymore what exactly we are carrying with.

Ranch Koiimasis Lodge, Tiras Mountains, Namibia

It was well worth it traveling the 20 km from the D 707 to the beautifully situated lodge and campsite amidst huge rock formations. We spend some relaxing days in this colourful rock-scenery. 

splendid desert track D707

Thereby we became friends with the resident rock dassies (rock hyrax). They delighted us daily with their interest in us.
Every day they became more trusting and let us come very close to them. The cute and curious little animals with their large round eyes will always be remembered. 

Dassy colony Dassy

Alte Brücke Holiday Resort Swakopmund

For two weeks, we used the good infrastructure of the resort in Swakopmund und surprisingly pleasant weather conditions.
The probably most southern German town Swakopmund and its surrounds has a lot to offer – very touristic, but nonetheless with a special flair.

bird meeting

During our stay the place was on some occasions very crowded. Especially by South Africans. They seldom travel alone but rather arrive in groups of two to three cars. If you are unlucky they occupy the spot next to you and then it is over with peace and quietness. From early in the morning until late at night there is chatting, like a radio that cannot be turned off. Luckily these groups never stay very long and normally the whole pandemonium is over the next morning when the group continues their journey early.