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Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah

September 2017

Island in the Sky National Park

Island in the Sky National Park with solar eclipse

On arrival we were astounded by the amount of busses with uncountable tourists. Numerous rangers granted the tourists to look through very dark sun glasses into the sun. Only then did we realise that today the solar eclipse hysteria ruled.
We enjoyed ourselves just watching the behaviour of the international tourists. Mostly lean Asians, of which some were loud Chinese and some more quiet Japanese. The local Americans of which the majority was not so lean and of which some women were wearing hot pants more suitable for elephants. After all the fuss was over the very busy tourists rushed off to the next highlight. 

We were even more impressed by the amazing nature when it became quiet.

Solar Eclipse Island in the Sky National Park Mesa Arch, Island in the Sky National Park

Lockhart, the barbeque capital of Texas

The restaurant Cross Market is described as one of the best barbeque venues in Texas. We were hungry and wanted to find out. Luckily, we did not visit during the main eating hours – apparently the queues of the hungry get very long then. Even before we got there Brigitte was laughing about me as she knows about my dislike for eating hot food with only the hands and no cutlery. I already have problems with the burgers here. 

The really superbly prepared meat is served on a small piece of fat resistant paper and is charged by weight. No sauces, no cutlery, and so you sit as a little cannibal in front of a mountain of meat, not looking really appetizing. So, no restraint of fatty fingers – just enjoy.

The pieces of meat were really prepared perfectly. Nevertheless, for the next two days I stuck to the motto: nothing fatty anymore.

Texan Barbecue Texan Barbecue

Luckenbach, a handful of houses

Due to the description in a travel companion we reached Luckenbach with much to high expectations.

In the evening there was supposedly be dancing, also with locals. Original meals were to be served and last but not least one could sleep over just next door.
We arrived early afternoon in great heat. Some American tourists enjoyed cold drinks in the shady beer garden and were entertained by a tipsy country singer. We marvelled at the original corny former post office and the bar loaded with junk just next to it.
To our question regarding camping spots the by then also highly tipsy shop owner told us that we could just stay right were we parked. The caravan right next to us was used for all the drunks to sober up. Long before nightfall we had left this oh so special place. 

We found a vineyard nearby were we could get a good night’s sleep after a hearty meal without live music and dance. 

 General Store Luckenbach

Magnolia Pearl at Frederickburg Texas  

The fabulous site with large, roofed terraces in the vicinity of Frederickburg convinced us to take a stop. We marvelled at the building that was constructed with recycled material. Here newly fabricated garments are sold looking old and used as if made from old material. “Vintage Style” at fantastic prices.
Fashion that makes happy -

 Magnolia Pearl, clothing and shoes

Moki Dugway and Muley Point in Utah

The steep Moki Dugway, a nature road with lots of serpentines and grand vistas, is closed for RV’s. Once on top one can find the Muley Point after a short ride. This view point offers truly spectacular views into Monument Valley.
Our big advantage is that we can call our vehicle either a truck camper or if needed a RV. We managed the joyfully and without any problems and were able to spend a few days with this wonderful panorama in front of our doorstep. 

Muley Point Overlook Muley Point Overlook

Moki Dugway


Paper is thankful, travel compagnions even more so. Twice we fell for praising descriptions of so-called ghost towns. The first one was still okay insofar as it at least served as location for a Western movie with famous actors. But what was affered was rather meagre. The second one was a complete disappointment. Chloride has had his fame as ghost town about thirty years ago. Everything is set in a desolate surrounding, neglected and shabby, nothing ghostly only really run-down. 

Initially we planned on camping close by. On the Net we found a recent warning: If you want to be safe, stay clear from this place.

Ghost Town Ghost Town Ghost Town

OFF-ROAD Hysteria

Thousands of quads or similar off-road vehicles are rented out in touristic places, especially in the mountains. Surprisingly for the normally very regulated America even kids are driving around with these not necessarily hazard-free vehicles.
Wrangler Jeeps are also very popular as rental vehicles. They are often used as spare vehicle and are even towed behind very long, over-dimensioned mobile homes. Many older Americans stay for weeks at the same spot with their motor homes and then need a second vehicle to get around. For (too) many it is impossible to drive with a quad or bike as they are simply too obese. 

 off-road hysteria