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Beach Life at the Baja California Sur

February 2018

Beach Life, Baja California amongst the Top 5!

The offroad-magazine Matsch& Piste nominates the best 20 offroad travel blogs each year. We are thrilled that we managed to be amongst those for the second time with our homepage This time we made it to 4th place. We are very happy and would like to thank the editorial department and the jury!
We also thank the thousands of visitors monthly for their curiosity. We always enjoy posting some of our traveling experiences in form of photos and notes on our homepage and thus inviting virtual travel companions.

the best Offroad Blogs 2017 

Carnival parade in the Mexican La Paz

Carnival is also celebrated in Mexico and on the boardwalk Malecon La Paz three parades are taking place in the evenings during this time. But the music bands are much smaller than the ones in Switzerland and they play Mexican music without any fault. They don’t march along on the streets, but rather play at fixed spots or they join the parade on huge semi-trailers.

For us gringos many of the presented, local topics on the parade vehicles were alien. Only the many beauty queens of the surrounding village, dressed in glamorous dresses, waving from their vehicles impressed even us. Some of the ladies

had saved a lot on material regarding their outfit. The approximately thirty numbers of the parade impressed mainly by a southern chaos regarding the decoration of the vehicles, the music, the rhythm and colourfully dressed, dancing people with painted faces.

The parade attracted thousands of spectators, mostly families including all members from the grandmother to the toddler. During and especially after the parade uncountable stands offered drinks and refreshments. The traffic and parking situation before and after the spectacle was a total chaos despite strong police presence. Not unappealing, just Mexican!

Photos Carnival La Paz, Mexico:

Truck driver on his last journey in La Paz

In front of the traffic light a traffic jam. The crossing is being used by a dozen huge artic trucks with semi-trailers. Incredible hooting from the many lorry horns, like in a southern wedding.
Unfortunately, it was not a wedding though, but the funeral of a seemingly very popular truck driver. On the loading platform of the first vehicle lay the coffin amidst a field of flowers.
We were very touched by this – for us – unusual funeral cortege and the last journey of the truck driver with his colleagues.


Show program at the sand beach

Straight driven into the sand.

With that I am not speaking of us with our well-equipped 4x4. No there are some drivers, normally with an over-sized, old, American caravan with overhang, who simply overestimate the driving capabilities of their front powered vehicles. If they then get stuck on the beach during low tide they start screaming for help. Sometimes this help comes at the last moment when the tide starts rising again. 

Got stuck on the Beach Juncalito got stuck at the beach Juncalito got stuck at the Beach Juncalito

Seagull with prey Seagull is tense Seagull loses food

El Triunfo, historical 320 soul mining village

We visited El Triunfo because of a recommendation. At the Café one could apparently buy brown bread. It was worth it. The wood oven backed bread was delicious and we liked the charming Baja village. I would have loved to take along the black dog…if it wasn’t for all the traveling!

Edy at the Caffe el Triunfo