September 2018


Banff & Jasper National Park

Due to the forest fires in the region and the resulting strong development of smoke we decided to wait in the small village of Hinton for better photography and hiking weather.
After three days of rain the air was smoke free with clear sights. So, nothing stood in the way of exploring this scenically exceptionally appealing area. Our expectations regarding unique natural motifs were fully met. Rivers with turquoise blue waters, postcard motives, glaciers, legendary Lake Louise and many more.
Where there are so many natural highlights so close to each other one has to nowadays be able to handle a lot of tourists – most of Asian origin.
We were lucky to find quiet overnight spots without having to drive too far.

Swiss Bakery, ValemountSwiss Bakery, Valemount

The daily bread

Good bread, something trivial and normal in Europe cannot always be taken for granted on other continents. Thus, addresses of good bakeries age distributed between long-term travellers and on forums. It is always enjoyable to make use of the variety of breads and pastries offered by German or Swiss bakeries.
In Africa – outside francophone countries offering baguette – even addresses with good bread mixes for home baking were exchanged. 

As long as we are standing in the Outback for longer periods we will make use of alternative options instead of buying bread. Baking up frozen bread on the one hand and backing bread in the gas stove on the other. I also never say no to Brigitte’s home baked Pizzas and cakes!


Healthy EatingHealthy Eating

To waddle, a special way of locomotion

Unfortunately, there are way too many heavily overweight people in Canada and in USA. Many of them move around slowly like dugs.
Shopping centres have adjusted themselves to these unshaped heavy people. Electronic shopping carts are found at the entrance – used for the shopping of not always healthy foods.
At the fast food outlets these people get their burgers at the drive-in restaurant whilst remaining seated in their cars without having to waddle.

Okanagan LakeOkanagan Lake

Okanagan Valley

Fruit and wine gardens take turns along the 175 km long Okanagan Valley. Here in Canada good wines are rather expensive, also because of the high alcohol taxes.
As in Australia, South America, South Africa and California you’ll find exclusive vineyards with new and old buildings here. Here as well: A symbiosis of wine and art.
Degusting and photographing is called for.