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Baja California in Mexico

January 2018

Baja California

Meeting with Fabrice in La Paz and at Tecolote Beach

We met Fabrice and his family for the second time now at the campsite in La Paz. We decided to spend some days together at Tecolote Beach.Here, for the first time, he off-loaded his Zodiac rubber boat with a 25 PS outboard motor which he had carried along for several months. The ride to Isla Espiritu was a bit rough, due to the white crest waves, but we made it. My short fishing attempt from the boat was rather unsuccessful. No fish and my well filled bait box went overboard While I was handling my fishing rod.
I hope it was not swallowed by some fish.


Edy, Fabrice und Hermann

Vehicle picking

Together with the Swiss couple Vreni and Fredi we spend three days at Tecolote Beach close to La Paz. During the day the bay was crowded by locals.
A Mexican drove with his 4x4 up to the water’s edge and somehow

managed to lock his car with the key inside the ignition. While the driver was busy looking for a piece of wire with the beach neighbours, Fredi put the key of his not-so-new Mercedes mobile home into the door lock of the locked vehicle, which was not a Mercedes, and surprisingly the door was unlocked.

Fahrzeug in Mexiko

Hotel California in Todos Santos

The legendary Hotel California, which was featured by the Eagles is a real tourist magnet. The associated shop is appropriately sized and well stocked. The former mission village Todos Sontos has even more to offer for example good restaurants.

Souvenir - Oasenstädtchen Todos Santos

We particularly liked the Besame Mucho Bazar, an architecturally interesting, large boutique offering wonderful objects of different artists and exclusive Special exhibitions.

Besame Mucho Bazar


At the beach of Totodos Santos sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand. Wild quadbike drivers and other beach maniacs would destroy these nests and thus they are protected, by removing the eggs from their location and by burying them somewhere safe.
Twice we drove to the sea turtle project, but in vain as no turtles had hatched yet. On the third day we were lucky in that respect that a few of the hundred eggs were opened by the baby turtles. The turtles, which struggled to reach the surface through the thick sand, were carefully dug out.   All babys were then released into the sea. Unfortunately only a few will survive the sea predators.

Schildkröten Baby

Punta Lobos, buying freshly caught fish

We waited with some fish mongers for the return of the fishing boats. These are pulled with an old 4x4 equipped with the right tyres up onto the soft sandy beach. The catch is then sold to the mongers and to some private buyers like us. For us the fish were cleaned and fileted. Part of it was integrated into our Paella in the evening. 

frischer Fisch

Christmas atmosphere

At the campsite in La Paz we enjoyed, together with Vreni and Fredy from Switzerland, a Gerber Fondue which can also be bought here in La Paz.

Garantiefall Fonduetopf

Beach life

The last week we spent mostly at different beaches in the closer or wider vicinity of La Paz. Taking walks, reading, watching birds and day visitors, mostly Mexican extended families, very often three generations together involved in lively debates.
Yes, time flies by and here we are sitting under a grand starry sky at dinner with hardly any wind and even a small fire. It is a restful time which is doing us really good.

Last year, with the end of our Africa journey, including the sale of our vehicle, the organising of the American visa in Switzerland, the purchase of a vehicle in the USA and first experiences in travelling the country, we had a rather tough year of travelling. We are thankful that we managed everything well. 

We are also very satisfied with our superbly functioning RAM and the Cirrus Truck Camper. Not taken for granted, had we not bought the toys new from the internet.

Strandleben - waypoints