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Cactus and Cocktail

December 2018

Sombrero on a cactus1

on the road again in Mexico…

Narrow roads, well sounding language, cactuses, palms, Margaritas and variously prepared, spicy peppered Tacos. Yes, the pattern for Mexico is perfect.
Actually this time we wanted to enter straightaway to the mainland of Mexico. At short notice we changed our mind and again we crossed via Tecate border to Baja California. This time we found the beaches almost empty, with cold wind and occasionally rain.
In Mulege and Loreto, Pueblo’s Magic’s, we felt immediately at home again. The local ones greet also tourists and are ready for a small chat. Contrary to American, they also know one on the day after a talk. The meal offer is with ingredients fresh, even in small, cosy restaurant. It is sung and makes music. One feels the joy of life. We like it!


rock with cactus

Visit to the dentist in La Paz

Marble, stone and iron break, but not our love... an over 40-year-old hit song from the loudspeaker in the most modern practice with a rather young dentist. He probably adapted the music to my age! Jumbo screen mounted on the ceiling with the ability to watch the selected from dozens of movies during the treatment. But still I like to keep my eyes closed during dental treatment.
The dentist made a video about two of my teeth that should possible be treated and showed it to me after professional cleaning the teeth. Since I have absolutely no toothaches, I have not succumbed to his acquisition with power of persuasion.

calculated very close

From the peninsular to the mainland Mexico

Embarkation of the port of La Paz was a small game of patience. After two hours of waiting time we had the ticket for the ferry San Juan in our hands. No one was in a hurry, as we were the last to be able to drive backwards on the ship and then be among the first of the departing ones. We had to report at 13.30 o'clock in the harbor, and the ship left the port brimming with trucks and other vehicles like huge trailers and containers loaded only after 08.00pm. We do not want to complain, the costs were of only 250Sfr.
After visiting the ship kitchen and the dining room we were glad and grateful to cook and eat ourself at our own kitchen. It is also allowed to sleep in your own vehicle. When parking with a wide vehicle, our’s 2.54 m, precise driving is required. The lateral distances are very small. After a rather noisy but not stormy night, we arrived safely at the port of Mazatlan.
During breakfast on our camper with the door open on our still moving ferry for a long time it smelled strongly of marijuana. One of the truck professionals was probably preparing for the upcoming, longer day of driving!
Before we were allowed to leave the harbor area in Mazatlan the controlling military took a picture of every vehicle (we do not have any license plate in front)  and got controlled inside. Plenty of Sniffer dogs were also present.