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Upgrade from Cirrus to Northern Lite Truck Camper & Vancouver Island

May 2018

RAM with Northern Lite Truck Camper

Northern Lite our new Truck Camper

Brigitte’s wish was to have an oven again like she had in our vehicle Robusto. Yes, and I have been studying options as to where to store our new golf equipment. Why not?

After visiting one of the many RV dealers the exchange of our Cirrus for the new Northern Lite Truck Camper was quick deal.
Our new vehicle also offers other advantages. Five-star rating over the past 15 years and a 6-year structure warranty on a very well isolated hard-shell polyester suitcase. With the same total weight as the Cirrus we have more storage space suitable for our needs. On the same width we now have gained 30 cm interior space thanks to differently mounted hydraulic stabilizers.  Technically and qualitatively better processed and equipped than the Cirrus. But also more expensive.  

A little drop of bitterness – we preferred the European Design of the Cirrus far more. In return the Northern Lite promotes its sapele veneer panelling and we have gotten used to it by now. Every medal holds two sides. In the months to come we will be able to tell you more. Specifications and pictures under and

Le May – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma/Washington

This museum with its more than 300 vehicles, exhibited in a huge, four-storey hall impressed us immensely. The up to one million gems were exhibited – regardless of the limited space -with lots of information. The exhibition also graphically informs about the manufacturing and the uses of the different fuels as well as solar technology. Very interesting was the exhibited electronically run 1912 model Ford with electric charging station.

Around 1900 about 40% of the vehicles run on steam, 38 % run electric and only 22% ran on fuel. For anyone interested

Chemainus, the town with murals

Vancouver Island

Blue Pacific, green mountains, urban canyons and a multi-cultural mix, we are thrilled. Edy's cousin Trix and her husband showed us their city of Vancouver - thank you and your hospitality.

After a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver with the vehicle ferry we ended up in Nanaimo. During one week we explored parts of the island including the most northern part for us: Tofino. For us Swiss people amazing – the unbelievable dimensions of the forests. In the area of Tofino we felt like being in a fairy tale landscape within the rainforest.

Vancouver Island Rainforest

Also, the fantastic 22-hectare large flower garden «Butchart Gardens» will remain unforgotten to us. In 1904 the garden was established in a left open stone quarry and today offers work to over 50 gardeners. 

From Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen/Vancouver the ferry took us back on Saturday before Whitsunday after a waiting period of only half an hour. Ridiculous, taken into account the 4 hours waiting period vehicles have to accept in front of the Gotthard to the south.  

The Butchart Gardens