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2019 - North America

Mexico - USA - Mexico

Mexico: beach experiences and indigenous people

December 2019

pochutla road 175

Puchutla Road 175, from Oaxaca to Puerto Angel

The Pochutla road is 230km long, winding and scenic - over 6 hours of cornering, one after the other. Small towns with countless speed reducers and picturesque views of the Sierra Madre. Parking places to enjoy the view or to stop for photos are in vain. Few houses are built on stilts on the slopes.

Mexico: celebrate the dead and taste cuisine

November 2019

Mexico dia de muertos

Day of the Dead, Michoacan

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated every year at the beginning of November to welcome, nourish and re-interact with the souls of the dead on their return to the land of the living. It is also called "Noche de Ofrendas a las Animas" or simply "Dia de Muertos".

The villages around Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan are well known for the elaborate ceremonies of their predominantly indigenous people.

Mexico: Jalisco and Michoacan with a lot of handicrafts

October 2019


Vehicle Registration USA

The North Carolina Road Traffic Department requires an exhaust emission test and a technical inspection of the vehicle for the annual renewal of our vehicle license plates. Since there are different requirements in the different states, it is difficult for us to meet these requirements on the road. Only states that require these tests have emission test equipment. Once we had to drive 600 KM to get a valid test in another state. The test then only cost 25 dollars!
Now we have legally registered our vehicle through an agency in the state Montana.

USA: Rodeo and Heat Warnings

September 2019

Rodeo in Wyoming

Rodeo, a popular sport in Wyoming

We are in America, and that's where the national flag and the singing national anthem of standing Americans, hand on the heart, belong before any major event. The Miss Rodeo, as well as the so-called celebrities, could also not be missing.
What in Spain is bullfighting, is in certain states in America a rodeo. One can be divided opinion. What the cowboys show on the tortured horses, partly without saddle, is courageous and breakneck. It takes a lot of skill to capture the bouncing cattle from the horse with lasso in a few seconds.

USA: Iron Horses and Devil Tower

August 2019

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2019

Sturgis - Meeting of the iron horses

Since 1939 the "Sturgis Bike Rally" takes place annually in the Black Hills in South Dakota. Every year more than half a million bikers come to the 7'000 inhabitant hick town to party together. The whole state is booming and vibrating like earthquakes, mainly because of the sound of the Harley's. There's really no lack of fun, because bikers are brothers and sisters and together they celebrate as much as possible. Shrill are the impressions: hard steel, hot wheels, old rockers, adventurous women, pierced, tattooed and fat people with their heavy motorcycles.
Among the countless motorcycles is hardly a helmet-wearing driver. Yes, in this state only helmet is required for drivers under 18 years. But those who ride without a helmet must wear glasses to protect their eyes.

USA: Moonscape - Mine - Mormon

 June 2019

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine near Bingham

The large coloured scree slope of the copper mine can be seen from far away. From the mine's visitor car park a shuttle bus will take you up to the top. The view of and into the largest hole in the world overwhelms you – 1200 meter deep, 4500 meter wide, in operation since 1906. The monsters of trucks with a capacity of almost 200 tons, tire costs 60,000 Francs a piece, drive around with their loads on the slopes carved out of the rock. They transport the copper-containing rocs a few miles for further processing.

USA: in the West

July 2019

Andersen Leveler

Sophisticated leveling aids

A traveler showed us his special tools, which he used to leveling his vehicle in the longitudinal and transverse axes. The good thing about the Andersen Levelers is, that you're not limited to just two height levels of wedges, or you don't have to guess how many blocks will do the job. These things quite simply allow a stepless height adjustment. Recently, thanks to Amazon and UPS, we are also in possession of the clever compensation aids.
We simply put our new, red things in front of or behind our tires and we drive on them until the desired height is reached. Then secure with the small wedge, and ready...

USA: Arizona and California

May 2019

Edy is chilling

No fear of contact - Beach Life in Mexico

During Holidays and weekends at beaches you will find tent next to tent with an adequate noise level. A certain noise tolerance is required. Bus companies make good business with the rural population, who take them from inland to the beach and back for a day with their children and toys. Even on old, rickety pickups, up to 15 people including cooking utensils, food and drinks are easily transported. After arrival at the beach, these people cut foodstuffs and cook for the large families. Here having children still works conservatively, well Catholic, because the Chinese 1-child policy has not got around yet. Nor do the indirect environmental consequences.
Occasionally beach vendors try to sell their goods to the people. It understands itself automatically that nearly each group competes at the same time for the strongest background music with the music boxes they bring along.

Mexico: Native American baroque and Tequila Distillery

April 2019

International Museum of the Baroque

Baroque Museum and Baroque Churches in Puebla

Puebla, founded in 1531, is the largest and best preserved Baroque city on the American continent and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The exhibitions at the museum are put on experimentally which produces the exhibits theatrically. There is not only the classical exhibition of paintings on the walls, also pieces hang from the ceiling and they are draped like backdrops of various showcases. Not only Baroque art is shown, also insights into the Baroque society of the 17th and 18th centuries are granted.

Mexico: flying men and ruins El Tajin

March 2019

Voladores de Papantla

The flying men

For the Danza del Volador in El Tajin, five men in traditional clothing climb twice a day onto a 28-metre-high metal pole. A rotating platform is attached to the top of the pole, on four sides of which the men are distributed; these symbolize the winds. The fifth climbs the pole last. He represents the sun, sits down to the east and begins to play his instruments, hand drum and a hand flute. Without fear of heights he dances and plays on the top and turns to the four cardinal points one after the other.
Upside down, the four Voladores, secured by a rope, lower themselves to the ground in over 15 turns. After they have reached them, the musician climbs down. The show is over.

Mexico: narrow streets and mummies

February 2019

Guanajuato Museo Conde Rul

Colorful silver city Guanajuato

We explored the silver city in several daily stages. Interesting architecture of churches and public buildings, impossible color combinations of the facades, which unite to form a harmonious overall picture, streets in former mine tunnels through the city - unique experiences. Therefore, since 1988 the city and the surrounding mines are a world cultural heritage of the UNESCO.

Mexico: tradition and white pelicans

January 2019

white pelicans

Lake Chapala with Roca Azul RV Resort 

More than 40 years ago Roca Azul was a luxury Resort at the largest lake of Mexico. Now the entire resort is a little run down. But the patina at the buildings gives a special charm. The different pools as well as the enormous garden are maintained. Tennis courts as well as various sports facilities allow all kinds of fitness training.
All RV spaces are equipped with full-hook-up. In addition to the regular travelers, Americans and Canadians have permanently installed themselves with their big motor homes. Currently, an American converts two ship containers to a vacation home equipped with window as well as a balcony, inside generously too. The resort also offers secured parking for vehicles, which is actively used by long-term travelers.
Spectacular sunrises and migratory birds like white pelicans pleased us daily.