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Mexico: tradition and white pelicans

January 2019

white pelicans

Lake Chapala with Roca Azul RV Resort 

More than 40 years ago Roca Azul was a luxury Resort at the largest lake of Mexico. Now the entire resort is a little run down. But the patina at the buildings gives a special charm. The different pools as well as the enormous garden are maintained. Tennis courts as well as various sports facilities allow all kinds of fitness training.
All RV spaces are equipped with full-hook-up. In addition to the regular travelers, Americans and Canadians have permanently installed themselves with their big motor homes. Currently, an American converts two ship containers to a vacation home equipped with window as well as a balcony, inside generously too. The resort also offers secured parking for vehicles, which is actively used by long-term travelers.
Spectacular sunrises and migratory birds like white pelicans pleased us daily.

 Charly in action

Hot spots: Charly – cheese factory – corn mill

The Swiss Charly is a legend among travelers. Since 28 years he spoils his guests in Santa Elena with good dishes, beverages and local tips. Social get together with Swiss immigrants were interesting and full of laughter. From time to time Charly organizes also guided motor cycle trips.

Harinera de AotonilcoQuesart cheese factory

Valentin (CH), the managing director of the corn mill in Atotonilco invited us to a private tour. Very impressive and unbelievably, what is necessary for the production of good flour.

Camembert, Brie, Raclette, Bouche… In the cheese dairy „QuesArt” we tasted ourselves straight through the assortment. The cheesemaker Salvador learned his craft in Switzerland and France. We left the store with almost 2kg of cheese.

We really enjoyed those “Swiss days”.

2019 01 Mexiko tequila corralejo

Fuel shortages in Mexico 

Since January 2019 and assumption of office of the new president, fuel shortage prevails in parts of Mexico. Theft in the state fuel business has devoured millions of dollars annually. Now the new president tries to redeem his campaign pledge and tries to eliminate this theft. The investigation revealed that the highest squad members at the PEMEX (the national gasoline company)  as well as high-ranking politicians was uncovered. The new tactic to a controlled fuel delivery led to considerable supply shortages.
In front of the few opened gas stations line up kilometers of queues of waiting vehicles. Everything is well monitored by the military. Since weeks this exemption state exists, for the entire economy a material disaster.
We provided on time, and could reach three of our travel destinations with enough fuel!

power off 

Neighbor with microwave 

At the campsite in the middle of San Miguel de Allende, an American with his camper including slide-outs parked next to us. After our dinner the neighbor knocked on our door and began - without greeting - blaming us for adding too many consumers to the electricity supply system; therefore the fuse failed. We asked him, why he came to this assumption. He meant, he just had switched on his microwave and the power went off. Now we should be worried that power would be turned on again.
We nicely explained to him that we had cooked our meal with gas, and that if he wanted to continue preparing his junk food with his microwave, he has to take care of the power himself. Our friendly neighborly relationship was therefore a bit disturbed. We didn’t mind, the "Ami” left the next morning without saying goodbye.

Tequila Corralejo

99’000 hours taste with tradition 

We found the famous Mexican Tequila Corralejo factory on our way to Mexico city. Tequila Corralejo is a well-known tequila brand in an iconic bottle. The warehouses "99’000" are decorated like a temple with cathedral domes, turrets and merlons.
99.000 hours, that is the time, which needs the agave, in order to take roots, and then offers in its heart the rich juice, which matures after distillation and finishing process one and a half year long in oak barrels to Tequila Añejo. The Premium Corralejo tequila 99’000 Horas with of refreshing aromas like chocolate, vanilla and almond, with intensive oak taste is produced with an intense love for quality. A good old tequila has qualities like a Cognac. Adding salt or lime to Tequila would falsify or destroy the taste. We had an interesting tour and tasting.