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Mexico: celebrate the dead and taste cuisine

November 2019

Mexico dia de muertos

Day of the Dead, Michoacan

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated every year at the beginning of November to welcome, nourish and re-interact with the souls of the dead on their return to the land of the living. It is also called "Noche de Ofrendas a las Animas" or simply "Dia de Muertos".

The villages around Lake Patzcuaro in Michoacan are well known for the elaborate ceremonies of their predominantly indigenous people.

Large altars are erected at home and in the cemetery to house the souls of the dead. Decorated with sugar figures, fruits, candles, incense, photos and objects that once loved the deceased. The next day, the house altars are partially dismantled and carried to the grave, where the family will hold a vigil until the night. Photos:

The tombs are always decorated with flowers, petals, baskets and trays full of food and drink. Everything to make the returning soul feel welcome at home. Stories are told, memories are shared. The children listen, play, sleep next to the grave. The ancestors are remembered and honored. It is a calm and relaxed ritual.

For us it was an unique experience. We visited several cemeteries in the area of ​​Patzcuaro. The people chatted with us and after asking, they were proud when we took pictures of the colorfully decorated graves after asking.

Mexico El Rancho RV Park Oaxaca

El Rancho RV Park in Oaxaca

The new trailer park El Rancho near Tule is one of the most beautiful and well maintained campsites in Mexico. The owners Pepe and Paco are very courteous and friendly. Cali ensures absolute cleanliness every day. Each of the 24 spacious sites is equipped with water, electricity, grey and black sewage.
Good infrastructure, such as covered swimming pool, huge lawn, fast WLAN in the whole area, common room with well equipped kitchen, grills, even pizza oven. Hot showers and many clean toilets. Well maintained playgrounds, free use of bicycles. Good location close to the city of Oaxaca and all surrounding sights. A Traveller Paradise!

When we arrived at the campground we met five couples of travelers with their vehicles, some of whom we had met worldwide 7 to 12 years ago. During our stay more long-term travelers joined us. The time flew by. Since we only rarely met long-term travelers in the USA, we enjoyed these encounters and interesting conversations.

Mexiko Oaxaca Restaurant Pitiona

Restaurant Pitiona - Cocina de Autor, Oaxaca

Pitiona, is the name of an aromatic fragrant shrub from the tropics and is used in Oaxacan cuisine for authentic dishes such as Mole or broth.
We had the pleasure of enjoying two incredible meals in this exceptional restaurant in the heart of Oaxaca. It is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in town. The food and service are exceptional - 5 stars. Even the huge but well-structured roof terrace allows guests to enjoy an excellent cuisine accompanied by Mezcal, wine or beer with a majestic view of the historic city center of Oaxaca and the cathedral.
We took the opportunity to dine like kings, but also to pay like kings.