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USA: Rodeo and Heat Warnings

September 2019

Rodeo in Wyoming

Rodeo, a popular sport in Wyoming

We are in America, and that's where the national flag and the singing national anthem of standing Americans, hand on the heart, belong before any major event. The Miss Rodeo, as well as the so-called celebrities, could also not be missing.
What in Spain is bullfighting, is in certain states in America a rodeo. One can be divided opinion. What the cowboys show on the tortured horses, partly without saddle, is courageous and breakneck. It takes a lot of skill to capture the bouncing cattle from the horse with lasso in a few seconds.

Mutton Busting

Nothing for beginners is the lateral jumping off the horse in full gallop, grabbing the head of the cow directly to bring it down.
However, we find little children who try to cling as long as possible on the back of abandoned, racing sheep, absolutely tasteless.
A visitor was handcuffed by the police before the show began. We don't know why. Weapon ownership was probably not the reason.

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Heat warnings in Phoenix, Arizona

Up to 43 degrees Celsius. Despite the super insulated truck camper, it is only pleasant during the day thanks to the running air conditioning system. Generator or shore power are necessary for operation.
From 10:00pm onwards, the wind and cross-ventilation will make you sleep smoothly even without any cooling equipment.
When we are on the road with the RAM, the temperatures are controlled from the cockpit. For us, the American remote start possibility at the RAM, which allows the vehicle to start from a distance of 200 meters, is a special feature. By the time you get into the car, cool air is already blowing towards you. This eliminates the bad habit of many Americans, who let the engine of their vehicle run for hours while shopping.
Greta has probably not expelled you despite New York stay. Not quite understandable.

Centennial Museum

Campground requirements in Phoenix

It is said that we welcome you, older than 55 and your motorhomes, which are under 10 years old and longer than 8 meters. On the reason that our camper is too small we had no chance to book one of the many empty sites (US 50 per day). The second criterion, namely to be over 55 +, we would have met!
We told the campsite operator our opinion on this practice and will not change anything for the future.
We found a really more generous place for free!

Motorhome interior view

RV Super Show in Phoenix

Unlikely, how high discounts will be offered at this fair.
Motorhome Entegra, a motorhome built on a truck chassis - catalogue price $261'586, discount $81'588, price at the show $179'998.
Motorhome Vision XL - Everything that an American traveler imagines under an RV is available: slide-outs, outside television, artificial fireplace, Monster refrigerator with ice machine, cheapest hinges, sloppy cabinet doors, toilet/shower door almost jumps out of the rail when sliding - unimaginable, what would cause driving on backroads.
Compared to the big motorhomes, the small camper like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford and RAM have a very high price with $100-180,000. But even for that price the workmanship is done mostly cheap, until sloppy. Since many Americans eat with their plates on their knees, a real table is not a priority for them and often not found in a small camper.
Our conclusion: With our Canadian Northern Lite truck camper, we have probably a very good compromise.


Refund policy USA

After five years travelling with us our laptop gave up his job. Fact is, one of two drives has rattled, and no longer revealed its secrets. The more important files of it were secured externally.
When we configured our new, fast laptop at the Best Buy store , the seller told us that if we were not satisfied with the new one, we could return it without giving a reason within a month, and the full amount would be refunded. We were surprised about this generous company policy. With our new “gamer” we are very satisfied and will probably not make use of this offer.
Even more special is the IKEA store offer for mattresses with a 25-year guarantee. If you are not comfortable, you can exchange the mattress for another one within 365 days. Now we will try it out!