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Mexico: narrow streets and mummies

February 2019

Guanajuato Museo Conde Rul

Colorful silver city Guanajuato

We explored the silver city in several daily stages. Interesting architecture of churches and public buildings, impossible color combinations of the facades, which unite to form a harmonious overall picture, streets in former mine tunnels through the city - unique experiences. Therefore, since 1988 the city and the surrounding mines are a world cultural heritage of the UNESCO.


Guanajuato Museo de las Momias

Mummified body

In the "Museo de las Momias" over one hundred mummified human bodies are shown. The mummies were found at the extension of the cemetery in Guanajuato in 1865. The mummification itself was unintentional. The dry mineral ground and the semiarid climate prevented a decomposition of the corpses. This exhibition has existed more than a hundred years ago. In particular, it exerts a strong attraction on the Mexicans who are concerned with death without taboos. (

Near a worth seeing church on a hill we found ourselves suddenly in the amidst of a funeral procession. We saw a mariachi band in front, then a group of people with flags, followed by the chorus of singing women and then dozens of vehicles. In the column, two younger boys, who shot rockets into the sky every few minutes.
All participants of the religious parade including the Mariachi band climbed the steep hill to the church convenient singing and playing music. At the end of the procession merchants dragged their food and drinks up the hill, yes in Mexico people eat and drink at every opportunity.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Hotels – restaurants – Fiestas - Americans, this city has from all a little bit too much. About 9’000 expats are living full-time in this city. The churches are lavishly restored and well visited. Lovingly renovated houses and shops are hidden behind heritage-protected facades. The city lives the longer the more from the tourism with all its side effects.
On a so-called insider tipp from a local weekly market, only English-speaking shoppers were to be found.
After San Miguel de Allende we visited some other Pueblos Magico's which we liked better.

Tula ruins

Taxi driving in Mexico

Every city is overrun with Colectivos (communal taxis) or regular taxis. A trip with a Colectivo is extremely cheap and often very entertaining. Taxi trips cost a fraction of the cost compared to Europe. A few kilometers ride into town cost about 3 Sfr. and for a 60km taxi ride we paid just 25 Sfr.
You have to get used to the speedy driving, risky overtaking maneuvers or extremely short distances at considerable speed to the vehicle in front. In the few really bad accidents we saw in Mexico, a taxi vehicle was never involved.