July 2019

Andersen LevelerAndersen Leveler

Sophisticated leveling aids

A traveler showed us his special tools, which he used to leveling his vehicle in the longitudinal and transverse axes. The good thing about the Andersen Levelers is, that you're not limited to just two height levels of wedges, or you don't have to guess how many blocks will do the job. These things quite simply allow a stepless height adjustment. Recently, thanks to Amazon and UPS, we are also in possession of the clever compensation aids.
We simply put our new, red things in front of or behind our tires and we drive on them until the desired height is reached. Then secure with the small wedge, and ready...


Grand Teton DistilleryGrand Teton Distillery

...doesn't always have to be single malt whisky...

In Idaho, the potato country of America, we found in Driggs the Grand Teton distillery, which produces vodka as well as various other high-percentage products from potatoes.
Since fresh potatoes would fill their entire plant and there would be no room for the production of vodka, whiskey and moonlight, space-saving potato flakes are used. It is also interesting that the bottles are still filled by hand.
The tasting was interesting and the result – we have two bottles clear brandy more on board.


Hotchkiss, rural West Colorado

Hotchkiss is a town in Colorado, in Delta County with about 900 inhabitants. Living in Hotchkiss offers the residents a feeling of suburban life and most residents own their own home. The residents are rather conservative. The houses in the quaint West Colorado have a special charm with their age patina and mostly with a well-kept, small front garden. The people in the place even greet us tourists and are sociable outgoing.
But it is clear that „Fracking” is intolerable for the majority of the locals.

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

We were lucky enough to visit the park again. Three days of great photographic weather, before and after our visit there was cold and stormy weather with snowfall. The fantastic coloring by the different minerals has once again impressed us enormously. Less of course the tourist crowds in the high season.

Fossil Butte National MonumentFossil Butte National Monument

Fossil Butte National Monument

An unexpected, hidden little jewel with very well done presentations of primeval fossils.
The subtropical climate in the past, the fine-grained deposits and the properties of the water in the former Fossil Lake created the conditions for finding complete skeletons. Amazing how many fossils have been found and shown here.

Jackson Wapiti Antlers ArchJackson Wapiti Antlers Arch

Jackson Hole with Wapiti antlers

In the center of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the city park has an arc at every corner. Each of these arc is handcrafted from more than 2,000 head ornaments thrown off - antlers of the great Wapiti deer. Every 50 years these arcs must be renewed. Elk antlers are regularly collected by scouts in the nearby National Elk Refuge in spring.
Jackson Hole has always attracted tourists from all over the world. The Western-enthusiastic Chinese have joined now as a new travel group. In fact, there is a Chinese "Jackson Hole" north of Beijing. "Western-loving" Chinese are most commonly known to travel in groups!

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National ParkBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

A beautiful canyon with breathtaking views, narrow gorges with uncanny depths. We visited the South Rim in July this year and it was unique with excellent weather. A beautiful ride, where you can see the highlights of the "Black Canyon" of the Gunnison National Park at different viewpoints.

Fifth Wheel RV - USAFifth Wheel RV - USA

Coffee To Go

In the USA, coffee is drunk from plastic or polystyrene cups with a drinking lid in almost every life situation and at any time of the day or night.
We are no longer surprised when a huge caravan is parking next to us and the towing vehicle, usually a SUV will be unhitched. Then the owners drive with this SUV to the nearby village to buy Coffee To Go, so that this drink can then be drunk in the air-conditioned caravan. The perfect camper set-up for cooking is rarely used.
Unfortunately, too often it's the same with fast food.