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2020 - North America, Central America

Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Mexico - Europe

Mexico: Costa Maya

December 2020

waypoints world trip mexico

Back on the road in Mexico

Since the beginning of December, we are back in Mexico.
Despite three hurricanes, we found our vehicle undamaged in Cancun at Yuri and Nathan’s place,.We spent a pleasant week in a guest room and got our vehicle ready for travel again. The contents of an additional 2 suitcases had to be stowed somewhere.

Europa: stay is being extended

October 2020

waypoints world trip Swiss vacation

who, what, when, where, how, why and when ...

During our absence from Mexico and our camper we had a good time.
This time off from the daily travel routine and the situation with Corona has brought us some new insights. Some people we suddenly experience differently, for us strangely reacting.

Switzerland for Tourists

November 2020

waypoints world trip switzerland 01

Chocolate, cheese, cherry schnapps and tree museum

During our 3-month stay in Europe we had many unforgettable visits and contacts with people, most of whom we had not seen for years or even decades. The very often interesting conversations will surely re-echo in us as we continue our journey.

France: houseboat vacation and new greeting rituals

September 2020

waypoints vehicle storage

Welcome home – wearing masks and new elbow greetings

On Monday, August 17th we left Oaxaca. The Corona break from traveling was good in a certain way. Unfortunately, good food and little exercise have taken on weighty proportions.

2000km on Mexican roads from Oaxaca to Chetumal and then to Cancún kept our senses awake every second - Topes danger! We were amazed that the Mexicans wear almost 100% masks, even while driving.

Europe: on the way from Mexico to Europe

August 2020

waypoints world tour

In the times of Corona, it is useless to plan ahead for long-term travelers.

Mexico: locked in paradise

July 2020

Lockdown in Mexico

Lockdown - locked up in paradise

The weeks are passing by like most of them before. We already have permanent holidays for 5 months. The feeling of freedom is of course gone. We lack the knowledge of being able to move, if we wanted to. Yes, if you lock up freedom, it's gone!

Mexico: world tour timeout

June 2020

hummingbird chick

Lockdown time killer

For 15 years we have been living an unlimited spirit of adventure and the joy of travelling all year round. We have crossed more than 110 borders on 6 continents and covered over 400'000km with 5 different 4-wheel drive travel vehicles. Then Corona came - now after 15 weeks of standstill on a camping site in Mexico, we unfortunately see the future freedom to travel still very limited. But we are sure, we will find a good way for us.

Guatemala: magical colonial city Antigua

May 2020

colonial ruins in Antigua


Antigua is located in the highlands of Guatemala and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its colonial ruins, such as half-decayed churches, monasteries and buildings with collapsing pastel facades. Colorful houses decorate the street and a breathtaking panorama of still active volcanoes surround the city.

Guatemala: Cucuruchas carry Saints over Alfombras

April 2020

Holy Week Procession

Saints on the street and temporary works of art

In the former Guatemalan capital Antigua, Semana Santa, Easter is celebrated very big. Already from Ash Wednesday, during the Holy Weeks, the 40-day Lent, the city offers the people a special spectacle with colorful "alfombras" (carpets) and the extraordinary processions. Spanish missionaries brought this Catholic tradition to Central America.

Guatemala: traveling with fine drops

March 2020

Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Sistema Solera Rum

Traveling around with Guatemala's fine drops

The production of Zacapa Rum in Guatemala has a long tradition. Allegedly the Mayas have already produced a drink similar to rum. The high-quality sugar cane is grown at an altitude of approx 220m. The production is exclusive and only the first essence "Virgin Sugar Cane Honey" of the pressing is used. The aging of the distillates in old oak barrels in the mountains at 2’300m altitude refines the taste and gives the Zacapa Rum its special note.
Taste: soft and intense with sweet notes of vanilla, honey and sherry as well as spicy notes of caramel and oak wood. Intense, voluminous and round in the mouth.

Belize: iguana meat and spider monkeys

February 2020

young iguana

Belize, the small country between jungle and corals

Belize lies like an island between the Caribbean Sea and Guatemala and the capital Belmopan is unknown. Since Belize was an English colonial territory under the state name British Honduras until 1981, the official language is not Spanish, but English. Garifunas (dark-skinned Creole population), Latinos, Europeans (many Mennonites), Americans, Chinese etc. live closely together here.

Mexico: indigenous cultures, Maya ruins and cool off in cenotes

January 2020

Municipio Chamula

Chamula and the church Templo de San Juan

Chamula is an independent and autonomous Tzotzil community located 10 km outside of San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas. The inhabitants live according to their own laws and traditions, for example, they still live polygamous. The Tzotzil strictly defend their culture and religion against outside influences and have retained much of their culture despite the oppression of the Catholic Church and the Spanish.