December 2020

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Back on the road in Mexico

Since the beginning of December, we are back in Mexico.
Despite three hurricanes, we found our vehicle undamaged in Cancun at Yuri and Nathan’s place,.We spent a pleasant week in a guest room and got our vehicle ready for travel again. The contents of an additional 2 suitcases had to be stowed somewhere.

waypoints world trip mexicoNathans sings mexican folk songs.

For Jury's birthday, Nathan had a special surprise for his sweetheart. In charro clothing (Mexican cowboy in folklore clothing), tight decorated trousers with sombrero, he performed some Mexican folk songs. He sings really well!

waypoints world trip mexicoYaz-Ha Trailer Park

Via Mahahual, where before Corona times up to three cruise ships docked at the same time, we drove leisurely along the Caribbean to Chetumal. At Camping Yax-Ha, eight kilometers north of Chetumal, we are living directly on the Caribbean coast, next to palm trees and enjoying doing nothing.

Dolphins that swim past, pelicans which fall into the water in formation flight to catch fish, lizards basking on rocks. We don't need a TV, the interesting wildlife is so close.

waypoints world trip mexicoiguana

Although the Mexicans are quite consistent in wearing masks, fever is always measured at the entrance to shops and shoes and hands are disinfected, Especially in the media!
Shops and restaurants are currently open. The many, very cheap taxis are limited to two passengers. At the moment, stores as well as restaurants are open. The many, very cheap cabs are limited to two passengers.

A light sea wind blows all day long. This makes it easy to bear with 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. At night it cools down pleasantly.The whole day a light sea wind blows. Thus, it is with 25 to 30 degrees Celsius well bearable.

waypoints world trip mexicoSFER IK MUSEION in Tulum

Review of the year 2020

At the beginning of the year we traveled through Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. One day before border closure, we left Guatemala and went into voluntary quarantine in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Due to the visa and vehicle import expiration, we decided to fly to Europe. We spent another voluntary quarantine on a houseboat vacation in France.

For six weeks we enjoyed traveling around with a rental motorhome in Germany and Switzerland and visited friends. We extended our stay in Switzerland by one month, lived in an apartment and for a change we rented a regular car. At the end of November, we flew back to Cancun, Mexico.

Despite the too long, voluntary quarantine in Oaxaca, we can look back on an interesting, eventful year of travel. We are grateful for this and look positively with much optimism into the future.

We wish all our virtual fellow travelers a Happy New Year 2021 with good health and success!