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France: houseboat vacation and new greeting rituals

September 2020

waypoints vehicle storage

Welcome home – wearing masks and new elbow greetings

On Monday, August 17th we left Oaxaca. The Corona break from traveling was good in a certain way. Unfortunately, good food and little exercise have taken on weighty proportions.

2000km on Mexican roads from Oaxaca to Chetumal and then to Cancún kept our senses awake every second - Topes danger! We were amazed that the Mexicans wear almost 100% masks, even while driving.

waypoints world trip mexico

In Chetumal, we had our temporary import permit for the vehicle stamped out at a closed border. Without that we would not have been allowed to leave Mexico because of customs.

In Cancun two lovely B&B owners spoiled us and we stored our vehicle at their place. Air-conditioned room, nouvelle cuisine and a large swimming pool.

waypoints world trip flight from from Mexico to Frankfurt

On Monday, August 24th we went to the airport. The feeder flight airline to MX City first surprised us with a Corona quick test. Lufthansa used only questionnaires to check the health of their passengers.

waypoints world trip france houseboat

On a houseboat in Burgundy-Franche-Comté

Without a driving license we traveled in France on a floating vacation home on the Saône river and on the Canal des Voges. I found it incomprehensible that I had to have an exam for much smaller boats in Switzerland a long time ago.
At a snail's pace we sailed through landscapes the area, along villages, castles and churches.

The over 30 locks challenged our teamwork and maneuvering skills. We mastered them all well. Near Seveux we even sailed through two canal tunnels with a length of over 600 meters. We also lifted the rented bicycles off board and explored the surroundings ashore.
We spent the nights in harbors or simply moored the boat with ropes at suitable places along the route. The use of the anchor is not allowed.
Due to the Corona, we enjoyed home cooking and a good drop every day on the upper deck.

waypoints world trip france houseboat

The boat vacations in France instead of the quarantine in Switzerland was a good choice. Boating vacations are stress-free but also have a little action.
Now we are on the road with a rented motorhome in Europe. By the end of October we should be back in Mexico.