July 2020

Lockdown in MexicoLockdown in Mexico

Lockdown - locked up in paradise

The weeks are passing by like most of them before. We already have permanent holidays for 5 months. The feeling of freedom is of course gone. We lack the knowledge of being able to move, if we wanted to. Yes, if you lock up freedom, it's gone!

Therefore, there are no reports about special experiences or interesting adventures and stories.

Cali - the gardener at El Rancho RV ParkCali - the gardener at El Rancho RV Park

Everyday life drags itself along in paradise. The sun shines every day and in the afternoon thunderstorm clouds rise; we are in the rainy season.
During the day the relaxed life takes place reading in the shade under the big trees. And our hobby of cooking assumes more weighty dimensions.

Lockdown in MexicoLockdown in Mexico

A change of scenery is due, cabin fever and desire for freedom are becoming more and more intense.
National borders to the north and south are still closed. But our visa and car import papers will expire in a few weeks.

Lockdown in MexicoLockdown in Mexico

Therefore - after a 100% self-imposed quarantine we want to make some diversified changes soon. Our regulator between quality of life and health has recently shifted back a little more towards quality of life, with corresponding high caution regarding health.

The current photo show shows a short flashback of the first years of travel in South America.