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Mexico: world tour timeout

June 2020

hummingbird chick

Lockdown time killer

For 15 years we have been living an unlimited spirit of adventure and the joy of travelling all year round. We have crossed more than 110 borders on 6 continents and covered over 400'000km with 5 different 4-wheel drive travel vehicles. Then Corona came - now after 15 weeks of standstill on a camping site in Mexico, we unfortunately see the future freedom to travel still very limited. But we are sure, we will find a good way for us.

Over the last few weeks we could observe the evolution from egg to fledgling hummingbird. A hummingbird enclosure usually contains 2 eggs.

hummingbird grow feathers

After a breeding period of about 19 days the chicks are born.

hummingbird are fledged

After 12 days the nest becomes too small and the mother has to move out. After 25 days the young hummingbirds will leave their nest.