November 2020

waypoints world trip switzerland 01Appenzeller Chees Factory

Chocolate, cheese, cherry schnapps and tree museum

During our 3-month stay in Europe we had many unforgettable visits and contacts with people, most of whom we had not seen for years or even decades. The very often interesting conversations will surely re-echo in us as we continue our journey.

We experienced Switzerland partly also from the perspective of the now missing Asian tourists.

waypoints world trip switzerland 03Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate factory

Appenzeller cheese production, Appenzell town with its old houses and traditions, chocolate products at Lindt & Sprüngli and at Läderach. Chocolate, however, is still considered one of the top products.

waypoints world trip switzerland 02Etter Distillery

At the Etter distillery in Cham, we were impressed not only by the fine brandies but also by the uncomplicated, cordial manner of the salesman and the owner of the family business. The spontaneously offered tour through the distillery was very informative.

During a trip to Interlaken with the closed Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau, the Bucherer watchmaker's shop, which the Asians lacked, and the empty coach parking spaces, we were fascinated by the magnificent views of the mountains and the lakeside.

We understand the tourists who rave about beautiful Switzerland from all over the world.

waypoints world trip switzerland 05Enea Tree Museum

A visit to the world's only tree museum ENEA is an absolute must for art and nature lovers.

waypoints world trip switzerland 04Enea Tree Museum with art exhebition

On November 28th we flew from Frankfurt via Mexico City to Cancún, where our vehicle was parked.

waypoints weltreise schweiz 088Edy traveling to Mexico

Despite the rather empty airport in Frankfurt, Lufthansa managed to cause an irresponsible chaos with the passengers when boarding to Mexico City. Without observing the slightest distance! Simply unreasonable!

waypoints weltreise schweiz 077Airport Frankfurt

The booked connecting flight to Cancun was canceled without warning. Nobody could tell us when the airline would be offering its services again. Flexibility was the order of the day and so we reached our destination with only 3 hours delay.

Mexico, where virus testing is certainly a lot less than in Europe. Currently only about 3 times more reported infections than Switzerland.

We are looking forward to magnificent campsites near the Caribbean Sea, to the hopefully abating consequences of the corona crisis and to the commutative Mexicans.