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Mexico: flat tire, palm fronds & vaccination

August 2021

tire specialist

Tire repair

On the highway, the RAM display showed me the pressure loss in the left front tire. We turned around, fully inflated the tire with our compressor, and drove 10 KM back to the small village where we had just passed.

The tire workshop looked adventurous. But it's still better to have the tire repaired than to change a wheel ourself. However, it was the valve that no longer closed correctly. We had the pressure control valve removed from the wheel and replaced it with a normal valve. The tire mechanic with his work tools reminded me of my own tire changes in the Sahara 40 years ago. The break in the journey cost us an hour and a half, and the mechanic asked for 100 MXN = 5.00 CHF. He beamed because he received a little more for his good work.

Highway from Mazatlan to Culiacan

From Mazatlan to Guaymas 770 km

In the state of Sinaloa we notice the extreme police and military presence; even on the highway by trucks and pickups with a team on board, armed with mounted machine guns. One of the highways exits from Culiacan was blocked by over twenty soldiers with their vehicles just in front of us for whatever reason. We didn't want to know more about it. Probably related to the insane activities of the various cartels.

El Jito RV Park

El Jito RV Park

A little north of Los Mochis 430 KM north of Mazatlan we found a campsite with power connection. Therefore with 96 degrees outside temperature we could run the air conditioning and were able to keep our windows closed. Also very good, because of the strong smell the neighboring pig farm. The campsite was secured with electrified fences and three Rottweilers. Where are we! Was only for one night.

maintenance of air conditioner

Playa Bonita RV Resort

In Puerto Penasco we stopped for 2 nights on the campsite right on the beach. Many Americans parked their motorhomes here during the off-season. Over 200 sites, all of which have already been reserved at the beginning of October. Four Mexican air conditioning specialists stopped by the neighbor caravan to clean the AC system. Then they also did the service on our Coleman air conditioning, which we had been using a lot lately. The guys were really clever professionals in every way. And now our system cools much better.

border wall USA Mexico

Around Mexicali

At a lookout on the road to La Rumorosa we admired a short length of 3'100km long border of the United States to Mexico. Steel panels were some of which by a strong wind blown over. There are also tubular elements where only obese Mexicans cann’t slip through. Corona can also get through!

El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar

The ride through the Biosphere El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar was a delight for us. After so long, we finally saw again dunes. Entering is strictly prohibited, at 42 degrees, we wasted no thought.

We saw a forest fire on the mountainside in front of us. On the next passage through a village, a fire-fighting helicopter has just returned from its mission with an empty water bag dangling from the rope. The water bag was filled by a water tank truck. A laughing stock, as you can fit a maximum of 100 liters of water into the water bag!

An oncoming truck gave us a warning light signal. Black smoke rising in front of us. After the next bend on the side of the road, a car lying on its side in full fire. There were already a few vehicles with helper there, so we drove by. We didn't take any photos either, we're not sensations reporters! It wasn't until a quarter of an hour later that the police and a fire truck came from the opposite direction.

palm gardener

Mexican Washington Palm

Elegant, narrow and up to 25 high. Every 2 years, the old dried palm leaves must be removed from the palm trees. The brown leaves are sold and used for Palapa roofs. The craft must be learned, because cutting too many healthy green leaves has a negative effect on the palm tree. Before the hurricane season and before drought with danger of fire, it is advisable to cut down the dry palm leaves.

Covid Vaccination Station

Second Covid vaccination

We received the second vaccination in a straightforward manner at a hospital forecourt in Ensenada. All that was required was a copy of the ID and the vaccination card received at the first vaccination. The date of the vaccination was registered on the original paper. We don't talk about the pros and cons of vaccinating or not vaccinating! For us that's right.

Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada

More than 2 weeks we camped on a comfortable site under palm trees, between flowering bushes well protected against the strong afternoon wind in the Valle de Guadalupe. Electricity, water and dumping available.

We prepared the vehicle for storage and organized our Swiss vacation for September and October. From the campsite owner we got a very good offer for the vehicle storage. We are allowed to park the camper well protected in his large workshop, in which he maintains his antique cars.

In addition to the preparations, it was of course also mandatory to visit some of the 100 wineries with their fantastic restaurants. We got good insider recommendations from the Swiss Jaqueline and Remo, who we met here.