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Mexico: trust and checkup

February 2021

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We are standing in front of the cash register in a large shopping center in Tulum.

The cashier is pushed aside by an inspector, who searches the cash register and every possible place where money could be hidden. Picked up the cash register and looked underneath. The rubbish bin was raised, the price list folder was checked to see whether there was paper money hidden somewhere.

After three minutes the spook is over and the inspector made an entry on the form on his clipboard and disappeared to the next cash register. This procedure seems to be the order of the day, as the person who got checked reacted completely calmly and then scanned our purchases into his cash register. A bit embarrassing for us ...

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Health check

For our annual health-check we went to Cancún. We stayed with Yuri and Nathan "YURINN B&B" and let them pamper us for 2 weeks.
In Hospital Galenia, probably the best hospital in Cancún, we were checked on heart and kidneys and a few other things. The results were satisfactory.

When entering the hospital, one is completely disinfected with steam. Fever measuring and mask obligation is like in department stores anyway natural.
Countless cleaners are constantly on the move, cleaning professionally and conscientiously. Advertising stands are moved, the corners are also cleaned and disinfected, which the cleaning rag, which is repeatedly washed and soaked with disinfectant produces. The risk of getting caught in this hospital is probably much lower than when using public transport.

The stress EKG was carried out on the 4th floor. Since the elevator went on strike, we arrived for the examination, already warmed up from running up the stairs. Someone with a bigger heart problem might not tolerate it!

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The Brown Pelican is a large water bird that is native to the coasts of North, Central, and South America. When fully grown, brown pelicans reach a body length of up to 1.35 meters with a wingspan of around 2 meters. The length of their beak is around 35 centimeters. Brown pelicans are excellent swimmers.

Their long wings make Brown Pelicans extremely persistent fliers, and groups of Brown Pelicans can often be seen flying in formations just above the surface of the water in order to save energy through the buoyancy of the ground effect. As a private pilot, I know the ground effect during landings. But it is not always pleasant or desirable.

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Brown Pelicans dive into the water in a swoop to catch fish. When taking off from the water, the animals lift their upper body so that their wings do not touch the surface of the water. By pushing the legs at the same time, they give themselves an additional boost. During take-off, they stretch their head forward, whereas the head is placed rearwardagainst the soulders during the flight. Normally the animals start their flight movement against the wind.

We are always amazed by the flight performances of the big birds. They take off from the not very deep water and then dive into it in a dive to catch fish - mostly with success.

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Mecoloco Inn - Caravan Park

The only campsite in Cancun. The beach is across the street; public access can only be reached after a 15-minute of walking. Next to the spacious sites for campers there are also small cabins for rent. These are usually rented by the hour on weekdays. There is always something to see!

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A year ago we already stayed for one night on this place. At that time even the shortest stay outside was hardly possible because of mosquitoes. With air conditioning we could handle it for one night.
This time it was quite pleasant without the beasts and thanks to the swimming pool and hammock, which made us stay a few days.