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Mexico: planless or not?

March 2021

Pepes RV Park Tepotzotlan

Pepe’s RV Park, Tepotzotlan

We have parked at Pepe's RV Park in Tepotzotlan.
It is located about 50 km north of the center of Mexico City at 2,290 meters. A generously sized facility,
built over 30 years ago. Until 2001 the place was filled with USA Camper convoys.
After the attack in New York, the North-Americans were too afraid

to leave their country and thus the RV Park is usually only used by a few world travelers.
Some long-term travelers park their vehicles here safely and fly to their home country to their loved ones.

Panamericana Tour

PanamTour Stop

We have already entcountered organized motorhome tours in several places worldwide - South America, Mongolia, Ukraine, South Africa.
Many years ago, the members of tours were arguing about electricity connections on overnight places; these days are over.
Panamericana Tour 2019 = The Tour of Superlatives! 180 days in Latin America, 30,000 km. 2 groups of about 20 vehicles were blocked from continuing their journey last year due to Corona in Costa Rica. After the 12 months stop, the remaining 12 vehicles (the others shipped their vehicles home) are continuing their journey under the competent guidance of Jeannette and stopped here in Tepotzotlan for three days.

Panamericana Tour

This time it was special for us to stay at the same place with a convoy, as Edwin and Rosy were there with their Hymer motorhome. Edwin was the band leader with his saxophone at the "Old Stompers" (Dixieland Band, Switzerland), where I also played with my trumpet for several years. We also got along very well musically.

We haven't seen each other in 16 years. There was a lot to warm up!

Satellite Towers - Mexico-City

Hoy No Circular - Traffic in Mexico City

Traffic restrictions in the metropolitan area of Mexico City: that bans most drivers from using their vehicles one weekday per week on the basis of the last digit of the vehicle’s license plate. In addition, tourists with their vehicles may only circulate on their permitted days from 11.00 am on. Of course, the police is not averse to acknowledge re-offenses with hefty fines demands.

on the way in Mexico-City

After the introduction of this law, some city dwellers bought a second vehicle with the correct number plate so that
their mobility was not restricted. We found a reasonable alternative, namely a private chauffeur, the campingsite owner with
his Honda SUV. Depending on the time of day or night, 
we needed one to four hours for similar routes.
Driving time record was early morning before rush hour for 40km once 45 minutes.
Unless you are under time pressure, these trips give you unforgettable impressions. The entire 50 km is mostly driven
on three to four lane highways 
with many exits and entrances through the city. There are a lot of extremely long trucks with
semitrailers on the roaf, even these have limited driving times too.
Tall buildings left and right. Mexico City alone has about 21 million inhabitants. It seems, these move mainly on the streets, and how!
There is overtaking left and right, and the overtaken is very often pushed aside. There is extreme jostling at the driveway entrances.

Speed limits are only for the others. In between, daring drivers without helmets with their noisy motorcycles, 
which overtake the cars by slalom riding on the three-lane roads. We haven't seen any accidents, probably also because of
the lively Mexicans skilled to traffic.


Visa and temporary vehicle import Mexico will end in May. Then we will put one of our plans into action!