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Mexico: our common path

July 2021

Edy and Brigitte - partnership for 30 years

Side by side through life - no matter what happens

Recently Brigitte and I celebrated thirty years together. Of those, almost 16 years of traveling all year-round and being together 24 hours a day in close quarters. We have seen and experienced so much and, of course,

sanded each other down a few rough edges along the way.
The relationship between having and being has also changed significantly in the process. Our immune systems have also been exposed to greater stresses while traveling on the various continents, and have certainly become stronger as a result.
Every day I am grateful for our time together and I hope that this way of being together will continue for as long as possible.


Gourmet restaurants

For climatic reasons, we left the Pacific coast a few weeks ago. The rainy season began with very hot and humid weather and the risk of approaching hurricanes increased. We moved to the highlands and traveled to villages and cities which had a much more pleasant climate around 2,000 meters above sea level. No longer on the beach, we increasingly visited good to exclusive restaurants and enjoyed the exquisite offers.

Sea Bass
We noticed that menu cards are presented on the table in the form of a QR code. If you don't have your own reading device with you, you will be provided with an iPad. "The consumption of seafood and / or raw products is the responsibility of the guest."

Santuario de Atotonilco

Santuario de Atotonilco

We are always amazed by some of the many churches. Not for religious reasons, but because for the great architecture and fantastic wall and ceiling paintings.


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Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery

A few kilometers of cab ride to the Gallery located outside of San Miguel proved invaluable. What we were allowed to visit during the two-hour guided tour is indescribable. On the grounds of American artist Anado McLauchlin (R.I.P.) and his partner Richard, we were amazed at strange magical sculptures, fascinating art and color.

Kismet Street
On the property are the Casa de las Ranas (House of the Frogs) residence and the Chapel of Jimmy Ray (homage to Anado, father and grandfather), a gallery where Anado's works and also works by other artists are exhibited.
We were also allowed to visit a mosaic-covered wall, the so-called Kismet Street, which Anado had built over the last 20 years. A part of it is even dedicated to his deceased dogs and cats.

Kismet Street

The tour ended with a visit to Anado and Richard's home with their shared workshop.

Casa de las Ranas