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Mexico: yes, the sun keeps rising

January 2021

waypoints world trip mexico

Yes, the sun keeps rising

Our habits have changed, we wake up at dawn, hear the lapping of the waves on the wall, the rustling of the wind in the palm trees and know that we won't go any further! Here in Chetumal, Mexico we enjoy some freedom:

  • No lockdown, shops and restaurants are open.
  • Don't have to use public transportation as taxis are extremely cheap.
  • Can choose from various large, well-endowed shopping centers for purchases.
  • We are not flooded by Corona in the media. Except by voluntarily reading European newspapers.
  • Are allowed to make our own opinion about the sensible handling of Corona and act accordingly.
  • With a new infection (7-day incidence) per 100,000 inhabitants of 93, Mexico is not so bad compared to Switzerland with 162. 01/25/2021.

We feel well looked after here and in the right place to stay.

waypoints world trip mexico 

Rating of our Northern Lite 8-11 Truck Campers

The Canadian truck camper we are currently driving was selected as No. 1 from the eight best truck campers for Half Ton Trucks by online magazine. Yes, we made a good decision in the selection.
The Cirrus we previously bought and lived in is in second place. Nice coincidence.
We are still very satisfied with our very well insulated 4 seasons home.

waypoints world trip mexico

Construction work on the site of our current location

The retaining walls of the shore of Camping Yax-Ha, Cabanas y Trailer Park, where we have been standing for several weeks now, have suffered due to hurricanes. They were washed away by the waves and are currently better protected. The sometimes-rustic working techniques demand a lot from the workers. But the result is effective and satisfying.

waypoints world trip mexico 

Driving a taxi in Chetumal, Mexico

Since the shops and restaurants are open here, we take one of the countless, extremely cheap taxis 1-2 times a week the approximately 10 KM into town. The taxi drivers wear masks, and the lowered windows provide good ventilation. The mostly two-lane roads are driven very fast. Without the many necessary topes, speed ​​braker, the hospitals would certainly be even more overcrowded.

A dangerous habit has now taken shape for some drivers. With more modern vehicles on the display, with older ones on the attached cell phone, the drivers watch television or video while driving. The only thing that helps in each case is an unmistakable request to stop this dangerous activity immediately.

waypoints world trip mexico

Laptop story

A year ago, we bought an MSI Gamer laptop in the USA. Our demands were high. Powerful, but not cheap, was our new device.

One morning, here in Mexico, Brigitte started the thing. After a few seconds the screen went black again and nothing worked. We encountered a number of stumbling blocks during troubleshooting.
At first, we assumed the charger was the problem, but it seems to be laying elsewhere. Upon request, MSI Mexico stated that our device needed a special powerful charger, which does not exist in Mexico and the import of spare parts from the USA takes up to several months due to Corona.

A computer specialist offered us to download the data from our special MSI laptop with special drives to an external drive, but he also had to get a special reader. We bought an external drive and the data could be saved in this way.
Now we are enjoying a new HP laptop. We had to uninstall the installed Windows program in Spanish only and had to load a multilingual program on it. All's well that ends well. We thought!

A day later, when Brigitte wanted to upload our data from the external drive to the new HP, some mini ants crawled out of the drive connector. With shaking the device many hundreds of these critters came out. We sprayed the drive on the outside with appropriate chemicals. We were able to download the data to our HP. We then disposed of the contaminated drive immediately!