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Switzerland: Budweiser Beer, Staint Blaise and friends

October 2021

waypoints world trip Czechoslovakia budweiser beer

Budweis Czechoslovakia: beer and an intact old town

Although we are not beer drinkers, the tour of the Budweiser state brewery was very informative and interesting. Budweiser from the Czech Republic is the original and one of the most famous beers in the world. However, there was a trademark dispute

with the copied American Budweiser that lasted for years. The huge facilities were particularly worth seeing and they are kept in operation by only five people per shift. The unique brewing process was explained to us in a one-hour guided tour.

In addition to the brewery, the old town of Budweis is absolutely worth seeing. The fountain on the main square, as well as the well-preserved churches and colorful facades in the vicinity are well maintained and preserved.
We were impressed by this city.

waypoints world trip switzerland pumpkin juker

Pumpkin figures

Figures made from pumpkins are exhibited at the Römerhof near Kloten. This exhibition takes place every autumn. At the farm shop they sell fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, bread and regional cheese and meat specialties.
There are around 800 types of pumpkin worldwide, around 200 of which are edible, the rest of which are ornamental fruits. From a botanical point of view, pumpkins are not vegetables, but berries. Smaller specimens have firmer pulp, more intense taste with less fiber than larger fruits. When buying the low-calorie and vitamin-rich pumpkins, you should make sure to choose ones with stems.
On Halloween, the light in the hollowed pumpkin is supposed to keep the devil and evil spirits away; goes back to a legend from Ireland.

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Staint Blaise Abbey - Black Forest, Germany

The city of St. Blaise with its cathedral church is worth a visit. An imposing building complex of the former Benedictine abbey with the impressive domed church. The church was last extensively renovated in 1981-1983.
In summer the International Cathedral Concerts take place with performers from all over the world. A cultural pleasure of the highest class.
The effect of the cathedral, especially inside, was overwhelming for us. The interior, kept entirely in white, exudes an extraordinary magic.

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Murals in Zurich

Colorful, large-scale murals decorate some houses in Zurich and a lot of people enjoy them. Subjects such as octopuses, insects and millipedes are sprayed on facades.

waypoints weltreise schweiz max schweizer

However, Edy (me) is particularly proud, however, of the mural that was created decades ago, despite the resistance of the authorities, of the splash of paint on our office building at the time.

waypoints world trip switzerland Edy Caravan fair

Swiss Holidays

Again, we were able to meet many good friends. Contrary to our customs, we increasingly drank not South American but European wines. Among them there were some excellent drops for us.
We visited the Caravan Salon in Bern to be inspired. By chance we met some good friends. We also enjoyed short conversations with exhibitors such as Gerry from the Tartaruga company, whom we met with his family for the first time in South America around fifteen years ago.
The return trip from Bern to Zurich in the evening traffic on the crowded highway then took 3 hours.