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Switzerland: world travelers meeting, sailing & snow

September 2021

waypoints world trip mount pilatus

Flight booking with Aeromexico

We booked our flights with Aeromexiko, paid and got confirmation for Tijuana-Mexico City in business class.
Two days later we received an email that the outbound flight had been canceled and that we should choose another flight, namely two days later or on the same day in the morning at 5 a.m. Since we didn't want to turn our entire travel program upside down,

we agreed to the early morning flight. After careful consideration because of the very inconvenient departure time, we rebooked the flight. Although business class paid, we could only rebook to tourist class; business class was already fully booked. For booking in the poorer wood class, we had to pay an additional fee. The whole procedure was extremely complicated and Brigitte needed an hour and a half for four phone calls.

Again 2 days later - the peak of impudence. We received an email in which we were asked whether we would like to make an offer for an upgrade to business class!

waypoints world trip switzerland

Trip to Switzerland

We had stored our vehicle in a save indoor place of the campsite owners property. My namesake Edi from Valle de Guadalupe, he drove us in a beautiful Cadillac, one of his many vintage vehicles, 90 km to Tijuana to the regional airport. After a 3 hours flight to Mexico City, we checked into the Hotel Marriott airport for one night.

Next day the flight with Lufthansa to Frankfurt was comfortable and very pleasant.

For the connection from Germany to Switzerland we had already booked train tickets from Frankfurt-Zurich. According to the timetable, the train would have gone directly to Zurich. Would be, because for various reasons we had to change trains three times with our luggage. Once we only had six minutes to do it.

In front of the train station in Zurich, we ordered an Uber cab. The North African cab driver, who was not very familiar about the area, missed three crashes on the drive to our apartment but only because of the good luck and the good reaction of the other drivers.

Happy that the trip finally went well, we went to bed.

waypoints world trip travelers meeting

Getting used to hectic Switzerland

We feel very comfortable in our business apartment. Our rented hybrid Toyota surprises us with its technical refinements and its quiet driving style. Unfortunately, we quickly got used to the jostling on the highway and the intolerant behavior of many drivers.

waypoints brigitte peter edy world travelers

It was great that our long-time travel friends Gaby and Peter invited us to their travelers meeting in Stuben. We had great conversations with the owners of the 20 present travel vehicles, many of them trucks. We knew some of them from earlier travels around the world.

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We met my brother Thomas with his wife Sandra and the fighting dog Momo on Switzerland's best 9-hole golf course in Meggen. A good meal and a few hours of chatting were enough for the first meeting.

waypoints world trip travel vehicle

Next travel vehicle

In Germany near the border, we informed ourselves at a large motorhome dealer about current European offers. Result: In the event of a possible change of our travel vehicle, it would probably be an American one again. Higher weight limit, easy registration through our agency in Montana. This enables digital resale worldwide with the possibility of changing to the name of the buyer on the paper of ownership without any problems. All of these arguments speak in favor of an American solution.

waypoints world trip sailing trip

Sailing excursion on Lake Lucerne

Wonne, a former colleague from Guggenmusik Glögglifrösch, was interested in our travel life with our vehicle. Spontaneously we met on the sailing boat of her partner Tom. The several-hour sailing excursion on Lake Lucerne was adventurous and really impressive. Especially for Brigitte, who sailed for the first time. And this with sometimes rather strong winds, which made the whole thing fast and interesting.
The weather conditions were varied and impressive; rain and thunderstorms all around, but no rain for us. We were even able to experience the anniversary cruise of the restored steamships on the lake.

waypoints world tzrip furka pass edy

Excursion to Valais

We met the world traveler Wadi for the first time in 2010 in Iquique, Chile and then a few more times on this continent. He told us about his brother Hans, who has also been traveling around the world with his wife Doris and a Bernese Mountain dog for many years. Then at the end of 2019 we met this couple for the first time in Oaxaca, Mexico. Faster than expected, for a repeated meeting again in Oaxaca, where we endured the lockdown together for 3 months. We got along very well.

Here in Switzerland we found out that Doris and Hans were going to visit Wadi in Valais for a weekend. Therefor we drove to village Bitsch for an unannounced meeting with our travel friends "O".

In glorious weather we drove over the Furka Pass into the Valais, where we surprised the families who are very travel experienced. The result of the surprise was an unforgettable afternoon and evening.

waypoints world trip snow

The return trip on the following day will also be unforgettable. We wanted to drive back over the Grimsel and Brünig passes. But due to snow storm all the passes got closed and we had to turn back. Due to extremely snowy road, heavy Sunday traffic with various traffic jams, we made the trip to Zurich via Montreux and Bern in eight hours.

Now we are looking forward to further interesting encounters here in Switzerland and Europe.