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USA: Surfer, ghost town, saloons, MB Sprinter upgrade

December 2021

2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 16

Chassis modification Mercedes Sprinter

At Agile Off Road in San Diego, we had the chassis of the 4x4 Sprinter, 3.0 liter 6 cylinder, optimized with an on- and off-road performance handling package. The result is noticeably better driving behavior on and off the road.
The vehicle was weighed first,

and correspondingly stronger shock absorbers and spring packs were installed on the front and rear axles, depending on the weight. As a result, the usable spring travel has been optimized and, at the same time, stability and driving comfort have been increased. The built-in RIP kit is not a lift KIT but the goal is to improve driving. As a by-product, the vehicle becomes 2" ride height increase.
An additional underrun protection, ARB air compressor and a snorkel intake rounded off the modifications to our travel vehicle.


Oceanside, California

The most impressive feature about the city by the sea is the longest wooden bridge on the west coast at 596 meters. Below the pier is also the headquarters of the Oceanside Lifeguard. The pier forms the backdrop for concerts, Iron Man, surf competitions, etc.
From above you can marvel at the many more or less skillful demonstrations by the many surfers. Many fishermen also take advantage of the opportunity to fish a few 100 meters out in the sea from the pier without getting their feet wet.

2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 04

Trona Pinnacles

Even decades later, I had fond memories of the film Planet of the Apes. Now we drove southwest of Death Valley to the lonely location of this original film, and have spent days and nights in this fantastic desert and rocky landscape.
There seems to be no life here. Just bizarre, rugged rock needles. Great morning and evening moods, and a solitude that you just have to enjoy.

2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 13

Alabama Hills at Lone Pine

Lone Pine is a small town with approx. 2000 inhabitants in the Owens Valley.
In the nearby Alabama Hills, we camped now already for the fourth time in each case several days in this terrific rock landscape. Many Hollywood movies have captured the uniqueness of this high desert landscape. Among the more recent movies are Gladiator, Iron Man, and Django Unchained.

2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 08

This time we tested our new Sprinter motorhome by standing autonomously for over a week, with night temperatures sometimes below five degrees. Everything worked comfortably, super well.

 2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 02 

Ghost town Bakersfield and Calico

Since the two ghost towns in the southwest of the USA were on our route anyway, a visit was a matter of course. The front of the buildings is just as you know them from Wild West films.

2021 12 waypoints world trip usa 06

Behind the facades there is a lot of modern technology such as air conditioning, antennas, etc. A part of the city of Calico, in which up to 5000 people lived during the time of the silver mining, has been completely burned down and rebuilt.

In Calisco in particular, however, the spirit of the trade blows above all. In each building there are souvenir shops, restaurants or American antique shops. Fortunately for us, we visited during a quiet, cold time. The many bus parking spaces and hundreds of car parking spaces allow conclusions to be drawn about a high number of visitors during the season. Souvenir ... Souvenir.

edy and brigitte waypoints world trip 

End of the year 2021

We wish you a happy new year 2022 and hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe!
Edy and Brigitte