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Argentina: Bañado La Estrella, Yerba Mate & Yapeyú

August 2022

Bañado La Estrella

Bañado La Estrella

is the second largest wetland in Argentina and is located in the province of Formosa, north of the city of Las Lomitas. The wetland is of great importance from an ornithological point of view and has been included among the Important Bird Areas since 2008. The reserve covers an area of 400,000 ha, is 220,000 km long and 20 km wide, total 4,000 km².

We drove around this fantastic area for several days, especially in the mornings, and were able to gather unforgettable impressions. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate during our visit, so we will probably visit again at a better time.

waypoints world trip Brigitte police

Experiences with police and press

The first time we were in Bañado La Estrella National Park, a nice policeman asked us for permission to take pictures and a film from us with his iPhone. Of course, we agreed without being aware of the consequences. Apparently, he subsequently published online photos and short videos with indication of our website in several places, tourism office, YouTube, etc.

Wherever we appeared on the following days, we were thus constantly addressed by strangers who now recognized us from the media and even Radio or TV vehicles. Unpleasant became however the importunate press people, which wanted an interview for their channels. Well understood several journalists daily. We praise Argentina and its inhabitants, but make it clear that we want our privacy and are therefore not willing to give interviews. The reporters, however, finally agree and respect our desired privacy.
There seems to be a lot of interest in real long-term travelers. However, we are glad that we are just travelers, and not somehow otherwise prominent people!

waypoints world trip posadas


an Argentine town in the province of Misiones, not far from the Paraguayan border.
At the Costa Sur we stayed for a few days in a quiet, absolutely beautiful place with a view over the Rio Paraná to the skyline of Posadas. During the day we took a cab into town for shopping and strolling around.

waypoints world trip san ignacio mini

Jesuit Reductions in Argentina

With our Sprinter, we also visited Jesuit missions including that of San Ignacio Mini. Here, in the 17th century, the indigenous Guarani people were missionized; ostensibly to protect them from slave traders. However, Spaniards expelled the Jesuits and the Guarani left the small town.

las marias yerba mate

Yerba Mate Tea

A hundred kilometers south of Posadas we visited Las Marias the world's largest producer of mate tea.
The company is over a hundred years old. Las Marias is a unique blend of landscape, farm, industry and village in the subtropics of Argentina.
In addition to work, the many activities that make up the lives of the company's members take place here: Homes, schools, health care and other services are interwoven with parks and gardens. Tree-lined streets and paths connect these different areas, giving Las Marías a unique harmony that enchants the visitor.
An interesting guided tour combined with a tour of part of the grounds was very interesting.


Yapeyú, the town of General San Martin

Is a small, tranquil town on the Uruguay River of a former Jesuit mission.


In the 17th century, the young San Martin, later liberator of America, played here. The ruins of his birthplace, guarded by a grenadier, can now be seen in a temple.