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Capybaras in the wetlands & Viscachas next to palms

September 2022


Natural Paradise Esteros del Iberá in Argentina 

One of the largest swamp areas worldwide with an immense biodiversity.
Capybaras, caimans, swamp deer as well as countless bird species we were allowed to observe from Colonia Carlos Pellegrini on land and from the water during more than a week. We were lucky

with the weather. Except sometimes a little strong wind we could not complain. We had stocked up on food and drinks beforehand in the town Mercedes.


The last time we were at this unique place was 11 years ago with the expedition mobile Robusto. Not much has changed. This time we could pass the entrance gate to the campground with the high limit of 3.1 meters with our Sprinter. With Robusto we had to park outside next to the road.

national park el palmar

El Palmar National Park, Argentina

The National Park El Palmar with its 8'000 square kilometers is located at the Rio Uruguay.
We were thrilled by the huge Yatay palm forests. But we were also impressed by the diverse fauna. Capybaras (largest rodent) feeding in groups on green meadows or lonely snoozing next to small streams. Foxes begging at tourist hot spots, but going empty-handed with us because we don't feed wild animals. We also could observe a young fox catching a snake.


At dusk, camp life in the park became quite lively due to the nocturnal viscachas (rodents)!

argentina bird

Striking in Argentina

With an inflation rate of about 80%, Argentines when they receive their wages, they immediately buy everything they need in as large quantities as possible. As a result, salad oil at Carrefour, for example, is limited to two bottles. Price increases take place almost weekly.
New vehicles are sold with up to 84 monthly installments without additional interest.
When an assassination attempt was made on Vice President Christa Kirchner, but failed, a national holiday was declared at short notice the next day. Why do you think?


Tire air pressure for corrugated roads

From the town Mercedes, Argentina to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini in the National Park Ibara it is about 120 KM. 70 KM of the drive are on dirt road.
On the way into the Park we left the normal road air pressure in our BFGoodrich 275/70 R17 All-Terrain KO2 of 50/70 PSI.
On the return trip, we reduced to 30/50 PSI. At 60 to 70 Km speeds, a huge improvement in ride comfort.

I’m a fan of BFGoodrich. In Australia we had despite majority extreme compressed air reduction on the Canning Stock Route as well as through the Simpson Desert Route not a single flat tire; neither on the towing vehicle nor on the offroad trailer.
Also in southern Africa, these tires have proven themselves extremely in deep sand towing a heavy trailer.

BFGoodrich tires, for a vehicle which is also driven offroad, certainly a very good choice.