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Argentina: Elephant seals, sea lions & penguins

November 2022

Elephant seal

Elephant seals at Playa la Escondida

Here, elephant seals lie motionless on a sandbank at the beach. We camp next to the dozing colossi, which occasionally roar and throw sand on their bellies. Harems consist of 2 to 130 females and the dominant males mate up with them to 15 times per day.

elefant seal

Sea Lion Colony Punta Loma

From a cliff you can watch these animals without disturbing them as they swim, play and fight. They even swim up to 600km to search for food and come back with around 10-15kg of fish.

Magellan penguin

Punta Tombo

A sanctuary for the cute little white-chested, black-backed Magellanic penguins. You can walk through the area for 3km on a nature trail. You can hear the animals screaming, see them mating, fighting over the nests and raising chicks. If the little animals waddlingly cross your path in front of you, they have absolute priority.
Simply beautiful - penguins as far as the eye can see!

Whale Fluke

Marine Mammal Season 

In Golfo Nuevo whales cavort from July to December; up to 17 meters long and weighing about 60 tons. The season for whale watching starts from June and runs through December and is possible in the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve. But also, on beaches outside the nature reserve, where people with camper can spend the night. Pictures taken from the shore are not so spectacular, but from the excursion boat with a better perspective and with a drone fabulous. Only unfortunately we don't want and don'thave a drone! But either way, at high tide you can also watch these gigantic animals up close from the camper. They jump and flap the water with their tail fins, a great spectacle.

Rio Chubut overnight

Rio Chubut Valley

From Argentina east coast we crossed the country and drove along the Rio Chubut to the western part of the country. We were rewarded with a magnificent landscape, colorful evening moods and starry skies.