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Argentina: Lunar Landscape and Pachamama Museum

June 2022

Argentina valle de la luna

Through the land of the Dinosaurs

Argentina, about 450 KM north of Mendoza - The partly bizarre landscape in the north of Argentina has already fascinated the prehistoric giants. Lunar landscapes, gorges, canyons, high deserts and fertile wine valleys are the highlights of this area. A visit to the provincial park Ischigualasto Provincial Park (Valle de la Luna) is an absolute must to see.

We didn't meet any dinosaurs, but unique rocky landscapes in great light situations. During a three-hour tour with our own vehicle, guided by a Spanish-speaking guide, we learned some interesting facts about the formation of this region.

cuesta de la miranda

Cuesta de Miranda

This mountain road winds its way along the Miranda River, viewpoints and curves with spectacular views of gorgeous scenery.

pachamama museum 05

pachamama museum 03

Pachamama Museum (Mother Earth) in Amaicha del Valle

An impressive museum. It shows a lot about the history of the region, its inhabitants, as well as some geology and natural history. Also gives an understanding of the rational functioning of humans with nature.
We have now for the 2nd time enjoyed the visit as much as 15 years ago.

Edy and barbecue1

Didn't get a new girlfriend...

We have been at Camping Xamena in Salta for a few days. Right next to our vehicle we prepared a good piece of meat on the concrete grill. I don't skimp on the charcoal when grilling, therefore were still some nice embers left. Sunset was at 6.30pm.
Shortly after eight o'clock we were already in bed when two other campers pulled up. Shortly thereafter there was a knock on our door and a middle-aged French woman asked if the four of them could grill on our leftover charcoal. I knew the woman, she had asked us questions a few days earlier at another campsite and then left without saying goodbye.
With the knowledge that the embers were no longer sufficient for a reasonable barbecue and that the French tend to eat late, so that we would have to listen to the conversations in French for at least 2 hours right in front of our vehicle, I said no.
This has been badly received. Didn't find any new friends to brush up on my French!


Temporary Dog Owners

After we had to euthanize our faithful dog buddy Amigo in Brazil, we decided back then that we would no longer have a dog when traveling.

Now we are traveling again in South America, where in many places there are always some ownerless dogs. As soon as you set up somewhere to stay for the night, there is always a stray dog around us. Mostly very lovable, uncomplicated animal friends. If you stay there for several days, a nice, temporary relationship usually results, with our knowledge that it is time to say goodbye again.
We think that it is nevertheless an enrichment for both sides.