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Argentina: Valle Grande, El Papagayo & Papa Noel

December 2022

edy in san carlos de bariloche

Tourist Hotspots

In San Carlos de Bariloche, Villa La Angostura as well as in San Martin de los Andes it is rather unpleasant because of extreme traffic, no free parking spaces and way too many people. Therefore, we stayed only for a short time in each case.

colonia suiza

Apple strudel in Colonia Suiza

25 KM outside San Carlos de Bariloche, Colonia Suiza was founded in 1902 by emigrated Swiss.
We visited the place unfortunately on a Sunday, and felt like on a fair. A lot of tourists enjoyed the selection of homemade products, tasty strudels and cakes in the many shops. We bought apple strudel and left. There were just way too many people.white dove1

Visit of a white dove

For several days we stood on the banks of the Rio Villarino enjoying nature and the chirping of birds. One morning a white dove visited us, sat in front of the front window and peeked in. While we were chatting with her, she changed her location to the outside mirror. She even followed us into the vehicle and settled by the entrance. Seemed extremely used to people. We still didn't take her with us!

Edy Valle Grande reservoir

Overnight place with a view

Coming from the south we drove through the Atuel Canyon. A varied canyon with colorful rock formations. From a viewpoint one has a magnificent view of the Valle Grande reservoir; for us a place like in a picture book.

camping argentina

Special experiences in Argentina

On the Camping Municipal in Las Lajas the boss meant well with us and placed us directly in front of the new, modern sanitary building. We quickly realized that this place was not suitable for us. Towards evening, half the village arrived in overcrowded PWˋs on the dusty dirt road to take showers. Six to seven people in partly adventurous rattletraps were no exception.
Since we use our own bathroom and toilet in our motorhome anyway, we moved sideways into the dust-free area.

On a huge campground in Valle Grande the maximum number of visitors was listed as 45'000. We asked about the peak number of camping guests. The lady said: About 5'000 for sure!

asado argentina

Heat and Uber in Córdoba

To organize various things in Córdoba, we stood for several days at about 40 degrees Celsius at the Campground General San Martin. With these high temperatures we were now so really grateful for our well-functioning air conditioning. I even drank the red wine with ice cubes.

Several times we drove with Uber 12 KM from the campground into the city center and back.
The drivers always demanded that one person should sit at the passenger seat in front. We asked the third driver, Jorge, the reason for the requested sitting in front. He told us that Uber was not allowed in this city. Hopefully no police officer will order an Uber!el papagayo restaurant

El Papagayo

a restaurant in Cordoba in a unique architectural space. Dishes were very creatively arranged and tasted exquisite.

edy el papa noel

Papa Noel or Santa Claus

In Argentina, the attendant at a YPF gas station greeted me with the words, Hola Papa Noel. Since I have been letting growing my beard for some time, it looks a bit like a Saint Nicholas beard.

In the last years of my business, we visited good business friends on December 6. The Chlaus group consisting of Santa Claus, helper, old man and an angel. We even took a real donkey with us in a horse trailer. We had a lot of success with these performances. 

With the white beard now, I would not have to mount the artificial Santa Claus beard anymore.