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Argentina: Amigos, Asados, Vinos

May 2022

waypoints Argentina asado

Visit friends

Travel friends we met 16 years ago in Bariloche bought a plot of land near San Luis 12 years ago. Both of them built a large, beautiful house on it, mainly on their own. The property is huge by our standards at 27,000 m2.

Together we spent a great time with long hours of chatting and eating together.

waypoints edy and fitness

Mowing the seemingly boundless lawns with a push motor mower was a challenge for me and didn't show my fitness in the best light. A few future training units are certainly not wasted.

waypoints Argentina art in bodega

Census of Argentina

We learned from a security guard at a winery that the next day, May 18, 2022, the Argentine census, which takes place every 10 years, would be carried out.
Except for the hospital, gas stations and pharmacies, everything would really be closed. By that we really mean everything. Unimaginable for Argentina. An eventful day for us, as we also found campsites closed.

waypoints edy wine tasting

Valle de Uco

We spent a few days in the Valle de Uco, visited wineries with internationally awarded wines. Above all, excellent Malbec are produced there.
Magnificent landscapes, snow-covered mountain ranges, artistically built wineries with art exhibitions.
Architecture, art, restaurant and wine tasting combined with enjoying local specialties and several asados made the days very entertaining.

Unlike before, when we were traveling with Robusto, one would now normally have to reserve for tasting, meal & tours several weeks in advance at well-known wineries. But this is not our thing. But mostly, thanks to our status as Swiss tourists, we were able to maneuver our way in with our own mobile home without prior notice.

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waypoints Argentina bodega art

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Motorhome - filling a built-in gas tank in Argentina

Since gas cylinders or gas tanks for the continent change have to be completely emptied during shipment, one of our first actions after shipment was to refill them in Argentina.
The large Argentinian gas trucks have the right thread on the filling hose for filling our US gas tank and in no time we had a full tank - cooking and heating was possible again.