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USA: Steaks, crawfish, felt hats & alligators

March 2022

Prairie dog

Doctor's Office or Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome

Since we have been on the road with the Mercedes Sprinter, we have been asked several times a day about our vehicle, or praised by other motorists with arm out the window and thumbs up. It seems that many Americans pay more attention to our little vehicle than to their many thousands of huge RVs with cars towing.
When we took a short break in a parking lot on the beach, an older person spoke to us and asked, probably because of the Swiss cross, whether this was a mobile Doctor's Office!

The Americans love dogs. So much so that they are allowed to sit on the driver's lap. In doing so, they can better listen in on their boss's phone calls. Unfortunately, for too many people, the love of dogs stops when they go for a walk. All too often we see owners who pull their dog back to the vehicle after what feels like 3 minutes. That was it!


The Big Texan Steak Ranch & Brewery

was an impressive experience. At the entrance were several well attended gun stands. Just like we used to have at a fair. In the large dining room, which reminded us of a theater hall, with many stuffed trophies on the walls, the guests were seated with the appropriate Corona distance.
Without reservation, one had to give personal data at the entrance to be let in. But this was not enough! After 20 minutes of waiting in vain for our admission number to be called, we complained to the admission authorities = ushers. With success, we were immediately directed to a table. The mass steak meal had been worthwhile nevertheless. Not especially because of the large portions, no, but because of the special ambience, to see how many locals spend the Saturday evening. Contrary to our order, the waiter recommended us a cheaper house wine, which was good. We enjoyed the American culinary dinner.

Crawfishtown USA

Crawfishtown USA, in Hendersen Louisiana

Massed service in an authentic early 20th century barn. Portion size of cooked Louisiana crawfish two or four lbs. Portion to share at least 10 lbs. Enjoy your meal!

Edy at Catalena Hatters Shop

Catalena Hatters, Texas

This exclusive hat store in historic downtown Bryan, in cowboy country Texas was worth a visit.
Professional rodeo participants and everyday cowboys and cowgirls wear Catalena Hatters custom made felt hats. Catalena Hatters makes each hat the old-fashioned way. By hand. One at a time.
Starting price at $300, you can have your dream hat custom fitted and shaped. Since I still have my Australian-bought one with me, I decided not to buy one. Since Catalena Hatters also exports to Australia, there's a chance I bought an American-made hat back in Australia!

stilt houses

Beach houses on stilts

In Texas on the beach, we made our first acquaintance with the stilt houses painted in bright colors. When you arrive from the desert, the colorful variety of facades impress you even more!

Stilt houses are primarily built as flood protection, they also keep vermin away. Beach houses built on stilts can sway due to lack of resistance to the wind. These houses don't have to sway, but they can if their foundation allows it.



Huge alligators lazily bask in the sun on the Florida swamps. In contrast to the green crocodile, these are dark gray to black. They prefer fresh water, grow up to 4 meters long and weigh 800 lbs.
In Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, alligators are bred in farms and sold for around $300 each. The meat is eaten and the skin is processed.