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2023 - South America

Argentina - Paraguay - Brazil - 

Argentina: Sugarcane, Lago Concordia, Colon & Carnaval

August 2023

molasses 3 


The Pretzel family, owners of Parque Manantial in Paraguay, squeezed juice from sugar cane stalks on a Sunday. In a copper pan the 160 liters juice cooked and thickened during about 8 hours on a fire stove. At first, a syrup was created, and finally it was a honey-like sugar mass, which the family uses as an additive for desserts, cakes and as a spread.

Paraguay: Tapir, Sprinter diesel loss & Empadradas

July 2023

porcine tapir


A pig-like animal, weighing up to 300kg, with a strong physique and trunk-like nose. It lives in tropical forests and is herbivorous. A good swimmer, it can live up to 30 years.
The shy tapir can be very dangerous if it panics. Runs everything over when fleeing forward and with his pointed teeth he can then bite hard.

Brazil: Automobile Museum, Blumenau & LPG Adapter

June 2023

Nagetier Aguti

Blumenau, Brazil

For several days we camped on the square of the German Cultural Centre in the middle of the interesting city Blumenau. Businesspeople from half the city met at lunchtime for the varied buffet in the cultural center. We also enjoyed the rich buffet.
We weren't the only ones on the site, as whole groups of cute rodent’s agouti kept us entertaining.

Brazil: Cataracts, Donauschwaben & Camilla's Camp

May 2023


Shopping Paradise Ciudad del Este

To replace our disappeared laptop, we took a cab from Camping International in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil across the Bridge of Friendship to the shopping paradise of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
What's going on there in the more than 3,500 shops is very special. An unbelievable hustle and bustle and crowds in the countless centers.

Argentina: subtropical rainforest & creative bottle house

April 2023

waypoints world trip Argentinien Misiones 30

Province of Misiones

The mountainous province of Misiones with subtropical rainforest is the second smallest province in Argentina and is surrounded by the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. The red earth and the vegetation give the region its own flair. Sources of income are tourism, the timber industry, the cultivation of yerba mate, tea and tobacco.
We spent several weeks in the region. We were particularly impressed by the rainforest with its biodiversity.

Paraguay: Casa Rica, Parque Manantial, Jesuit Reduction

March 2023

border Posadas nach Encarnacion

Border Traffic Posadas/Argentina - Encarnacion/Paraguay

Incredible, this border traffic. In addition to the normal border travelers, there are also a large number of gasoline tourists. Although fuel in Argentina is more expensive and limited in the border area for vehicles with foreign license plates, it is apparently still lucrative enough for the Paraguayans to drive across the border to Argentina for it. The number of motorcycles is extremely high. Nevertheless, the formalities are processed very quickly, with the exception of us.

Argentina: mountains, vehicle fire, carnival & El Baqueano

February 2023

boondocking near Purmamarca

Purmamarca and colored mountains

The village of Purmamarca is ideally located on the route between Salta and the villages of Tilcara and Humahuaca to the north. It is known for its hill of seven colors, which dominates the village in the background. Nowhere else have we seen so many handicrafts, but unfortunately others, for sale at the main square!
We camped a little above the village alone in a unique, grandiose rocky landscape. At night absolute silence and starry sky. The area is simply fascinating!

Argentina: RN40, Cafayate, Cachi, Utopia

January 2023

RN40 Cafayate Cachi

Ruta 40: Cafayate-Molinos-Cachi in the Valle Calchaquíe

Corrugated road, 360 km. With the right tire pressure it's not really a problem. We had already driven this scenic route 15 years ago several times with the much wider Robusto. What we did not consider enough was the strong increase in traffic in the meantime. The track has long, very narrow passages with tight curves heavy corrugated. This requires a compromise between speed and caution. Despite loud honking, oncoming traffic often comes in or after the curve. Partially crossing is not possible, or only with appropriate caution.