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Argentina: Bucci Bestium, flying Crocs & incredible collections

December 2023

Museum Bucci 2

Bucci Museum

In the 1920s, in the pampas of Santa Fe in the town of Zenon Pereyra, a genius built an airplane and did stunts with it, and then manufactured racing cars. He has even made Mercedes-Benz replicas that are admired by the German factory.
In the Bucci Museum you can see unique vehicles such as the Hudson Bucci Bestium, Cadillac 16 C, Bucci Special 1953, Mercedes Benz SL Panamerica, Dogo and Bucci Special 2013, and Argentine super sports cars.


overnight spot waypoints

Where have the Crocs gone?

We don't normally wear shoes in the living area of our motorhome. These then remain outside the vehicle.
At the El Muro reservoir near Quines we stood alone in a beautiful spot under a large tree. Strong winds were forecast, with gusts of up to 80 kilometers per hour. We didn't feel at risk under the tree. We weren't either.
The following morning our Crocs were no longer in their usual place because they had been blown away by the wind. Luckily the wind only blew in one direction.
This meant I found all four of them at different distances from the sprinter.

Argentina cactus

Nikon telephoto lens repair service

A telephoto lens jammed on both camera bodies when we put it on.
We took an Uber from the campsite to the center of Cordoba to a camera doctor.
We knew how! The nice guy took a small screwdriver, tightened three screws on the bayonet mount, and the lens could be mounted again without any problems. It also worked perfectly. The result was mutual laughter and fun chatting.

UBER Miramar de Ansenuza

Uber service in Cordoba

Uber in the city of Cordoba was not approved by the city council, as they apparently operate the taxi business.
However, if you order a car on the app, one will be there within a very short time. One client is asked to get in at the front. Probably to make the journey appear private.
We ordered an Uber for our shopping trips around and in Cordoba. Very cheap, but not always safe. Twice we were very lucky when entering traffic circles. It was only because other drivers reacted quickly and skillfully that we didn't get involved in an accident. Some drivers even find it very difficult to read the traffic signs.
Nevertheless, it is more advisable to do business and make purchases in big cities using Uber instead of your own vehicle.

Palacio San Jose

Palacio San José

The Palacio San Jose in the province of Entre Rios was the scene of the dramatic political life and death of General Justo Jose de Urquiza, 1st President of the Argentine Confederation from 1854 to 1860.
There are 38 rooms on the first floor, arranged around two large inner courtyards.
The palace was the first building in the country to have running water from the Gualeguaychu River, 2 kilometers away.
In 1935, the palace was declared a national monument and has been a museum ever since.

Miramar de Ansenuza

Mar Chiquita

Miramar de Ansenuza is a small town on the coast of Laguna Mar Chiquita. It's a colorful, shiny place, but behind it there's a lot that's run down. It's only really busy and noisy at the weekend.
Mar Chiquita is not a sea but a saline lake and the largest in Argentina.

Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito

Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito

A park located near the city of Córdoba. Due to its inaccessibility, the landscape has remained almost untouched. The climate in this area is a temperate mountain climate, with a marked difference in temperature to the often-hot temperatures in the lowlands.

Museo Rocsen

Rocsen Museum

49 sculptures adorn the façade of the building, which were created by the founder Santiago Bouchon. A walk-through time and the cultures of the world - The museum houses an incredible collection of objects of various kinds such as: 1,200-year-old mummy from Nazca, Calchaquí urns, 2,000 minerals, 400 fossils from all eras...