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Uruguay: Art Walk, Museo Cars & Parroquia Cristo Obrero

September 2023

Art Walk in Colonia del Sacramento 2

The Art Walk in Colonia del Sacramento

On a 200-meter-long wall, 15 selected artists based in the department of Colonia have painted a series of murals on a wall of the stadium. The various wall paintings are very different in subject matter.
370 liters of water-based paint was used for this purpose. The Art Walk was opened in April 2023.

Museo Cars1

Museo Cars, Colonia Uruguay

A very large collection of up to 100-year-old exhibits/vehicles in a very well-maintained, ready-to-drive condition.
Parallel to the many vehicles, old appliances are also exhibited in various rooms.
A variety of typewriters, wall clocks, barber chairs, even a complete, old dental office equipment were to be marveled at.
On leaving the museum, the owner of the treasures spoke to us and said that we had taken a lot of pictures. He had been watching us through the many existing surveillance cameras.

Caliu Earthship Restaurant

Caliu Earthship Restaurant

An excellent experience: truly a unique restaurant with special dishes prepared from food grown in their own garden.

Liebigs Extract of Meat Company

UNESCO World Heritage Industrial Landscape Fray Bentos

In Fray Bentos, meat extract was produced in large quantities starting in 1861 by Liebig's Extract of Meat Company.
Since the 1930s, Fray Betos has lost its importance as a center of the meat industry.
The resulting industrial landscape, however, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Parroquia Cristo Obrero

Parroquia Cristo Obrero

There is a mystical atmosphere in this church with its combination of form, interior design and natural light. Arched structures and curved surfaces pillarless vaults, all this made of brick walls. A fascinating building.

Edy with rented motorhome

Vacation at home

After a very rough flight from Montevideo via Madrid we landed well in Zurich. We were picked up at the airport by friends and driven to our rented motorhome. The vehicle is in perfect condition with its 4'000km.
We are looking forward to the various meetings with friends and good acquaintances.
This time we try to approach the whole thing a bit more relaxed. But it is simply enriching to spend time with people who have become dear to us!